Main Square

Kraków , Poland

Krakow Main Square

Everything in Krakow gravitates around the bustling main market square that is shown on this webcam in Krakow. It was designed in 1257 when Krakow was awarded its charter. Little has changed in the many years that followed – the grid-like layout is of the Old Town, and its central square shown on this live camera is still very much reflective of the centuries in which it was built. Krakow’s main square is 200 square meters in size and is considered as one of the largest medieval squares in Europe. On this webcam, one can get a clear view of the size of the square. Lovely townhouses surround the square, each of which has its special history and curiosities.

A square of many purposes

It was in this square shown on cam online where people swore homage to the king and witnessed public executions. Luckily we won’t see any more public executions on live webcam online!  It was here where the locals revolted against foreign rule in 1794.  In the 17th century, chaos broke out when a public display of fireworks was fired into the crowd. Nazi rallies were held on the main square and briefly, the name of the square shown here online was named ‘Adolf Hitler Platz’ during the German occupation.

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The square shown in camera online footage was not just home to grim events but also served as the place for public celebrations and oddities such as sausage dog parades and Christmas crib competitions.  Now the square holds Christmas and Easter markets as well as numerous festivals and outdoor concerts. Markets on the Square and the hustle and bustle around it can be seen on web cameras of the square.

Important buildings and monuments

There are many buildings surrounding the square such as the Cloth Hall. This building was built in the 14th century and was the first shopping mall in the world. It’s filled to the brim with merchant stalls selling amber, lace, woodwork and assorted trinkets for tourists.  The square also houses an underground museum which traces the history of the city and a 19th Century Polish Art Gallery.

In the square, as can be seen online, there is a statue dedicated to Adam Mickiewicz, a famous Polish scribe. His remains are in the Wawel  Cathedral, which can also be seen on this web camera footage. Ironically, the famous writer never visited Krakow in his lifetime, yet his statue adorns the square and has become a popular tourist attraction.

Opposite the statue is the St Mary’s Basilica – a beautiful piece of architecture caught on online camera. The St Mary’s Basilica is famous for its Velt Stoss’s altarpiece. Surrounding the Basilica is a former cemetery. Those with the stomach for the horrific can also be entertained by the Basilica’s set of metal restraints used to punish flirtatious women. One of the most enjoyable traditions of the main square is the famous bugle call played from St. Mary’s tower every hour.

Baltic Live Cam’s camera online also shows views of the Wawel Castle in Krakow, Poland. Many other beautiful scenes of other famous town squares across Europe are shown on web camera online such as the Tallin Town Hall Square in Tallin, Estonia. Other online cams show the Kaunas central square in Lithuania and many more stunning European meeting places.