Lublin Castle

Lublin , Poland

Lublin Castle

Live broadcast to the beautiful 12th century Lublin Castle, served as the residence of the royal family, as well as performing the functions of defense.  The first defensive structure was erected here on the very top of the hill in the 12th century, in time of regimen of Casimir II the Just . Later was built a brick tower. When Casimir the Great was seated on the throne, Lublin Castle in our online webcam was surrounded by a fortified wall with a gate. In the beginning of the 16th century, the ruler Sigismund began reconstructing the castle under the Renaissance style. Italian masters were invited to create a real masterpiece.

Then the residence was rebuilt several times. In 1655-1657 years in the castle the Swedish army stayed. That led the castle into decline. In 1671 Lublin Castle in our online broadcast was expanded, appeared the tower and cellars, as well as the chapel.

Numerous wars waged by Poland destroyed the building. Rebuilding began in 1824 -1826 years. There was a new prison built here. As a result, the building of Lublin Castle was erected in the style of Gothic Revival. As a prison the building worked for 128 years.

Today Lublin Castle, which is perfectly visible in our online webcam, serves as a museum (Lublin Museum). Not only the building of the prison itself was preserved here, but also the defensive tower of the 13th century and the chapel of the Holy Trinity with beautifully preserved frescoes.


The Polish city of Lublin, the famous museum-castle of which our webcam demonstrates, is still called "Goat Hail" or "Little Krakow". The fact is that Lublin is very similar to Krakow, but is not overrun by tourists yet. The name of "Goat City" Lublin has because of the white goat depicted on its coat of arms. Lublin is located near the Ukrainian and Belorussian borders, so there is a close connection with the neighbors everywhere. Many signboards in the city are partially inscribed in these Slavic languages.

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The main attraction of the city of Lublin is Lublin Castle, which panorama is in our webcam online. Tourists also like to visit the Cathedral, the Kraków Gate, the Crown Court, the tower of the Holy Trinity, the Catholic Church of the Dominican Order. In addition to historical monuments, in Lublin there are the magnificent botanical garden, parks and museums. It is interesting that, as in every ancient city, there is an underground passage in Lublin, where tourists are allowed.


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The climate in Lublin is moderately cold. During the whole year a lot of precipitation falls. The average annual air temperature is 7.6 ° C.
Weather in Lublin for 7 days is available on our website online.