Pobierowo beach

Pobierowo , Poland

Pobierowo beach

We present a live broadcast on the beach of a small Polish town of Pobierowo on the shores of the Baltic Sea. Pobierowo is located in West Pomerania.

The most active development of Pobierowo was obtained when in 1907 one of the former local peasants built the “Seeblick” hotel on the beach of the Baltic Sea.Then, the beach area began to grow: start to appear new hotels, pensions, guest houses, open restaurants and shops.

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In Pobierowo, which beach zone is perfectly visible in our online camera, is a beautiful typical Baltic nature. There is coniferous trees aroma, mixed with the smell of the salty Baltic Sea breeze.

The city of Pobierowo, which you can see in our webcam, is leading in the field of tourism and gastronomy in this part of Poland. On its territory there is a large number of excellent restaurants and cafes with national Polish corrugations, ice cream and cream tubes.

In Pobierowo there is where to stay: chic hotels near the sea, guest houses, campgrounds, apartments for every taste and budget. For large companies or families there is possible to rent a whole house. If you are planning a vacation in Pobierowo, we advise you to book your accommodation in advance; during the peak season (in summer) to find the available apartments or a hotel room is quite problematic.

In Pobierowo is never boring. It is always full of life and there are a large number of various entertainment events. So, in summer there are international football and beach volleyball tournaments, various competitions, as well as competitions among tourists and other interesting events.

There are almost no cultural and historical sights in Pobierowo.

The most favorable time for a holiday in Pobierowo, whose beach is perfectly demonstrated in our live webcam, is September. At this period it is not hot, but still warm enough.


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Pobierowo is located in the zone of marine humid climate. The average temperature in a year is about 7.5-8.0 C. July and August are the hottest months. Winter is quite short, only 40 days. Snow falls a bit. It is often windy on the coast. Light Baltic Sea breeze has a balneological character. This wind is saturated with marine aerosols containing iodine crystals and sea salt, which is very healthy for the respiratory tract.

Weather in Pobierowo for 7 days is available on our website online.