Carvoeiro beach (Praia do Carvoeiro)

Carvoeiro , Portugal

Carvoeiro Beach

A live broadcast to the main beach of the city of Carvoeiro - Carvoeiro Beach or Praia do Carvoeiro. A convenient location close to the central city square has made the beach a very popular holiday destination. Despite its proximity to the city, the beach of Carvoeiro is clean and cozy. It is covered with rocks and cliffs, which are perfectly visible in our online webcam. Hidden from the wind and prying eyes, Praia do Carvoeiro is an excellent place for rest.


The city of Carvoeiro is an old fishing village, now a modern resort town, major tourist center in the south of Portugal and one of the most beautiful and quiet places in the Algarve region. Carvoeiro is a great place to relax in a beauty and tranquility. People who want to relax away from the city noise and the daily bustle, disturbing by evening dances only,  come here. The city is located 60 km from the airport of Faro city. The city can be reached by bus or taxi.

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The local natural beauty and beach areas attract, like a magnet, tourists from all over the world. There are picturesque rocks, amazing caves, bright fishermen's boats, colorful umbrellas. Fans of outdoor activities can play golf, try horseback riding, diving, various water sports, visit the water park, go fishing, dance in the club and visit the excellent restaurants that are considered to be the best in Algrave. There are several advantages of rest in Carvoeiro in comparison with other resorts of Algarve: excellent location, developed infrastructure, beautiful nature.

Every year, many tourists spend their holidays in Carvoeiro: they take sun on the beaches and swim in the ocean, for example in Praia do Carvoeiro in our webcam,  as also visit the Portuguese bullfight.

The city of Carvoeiro has a long history and many historical sights have been preserved here.  There is the Nossa Senhora da Encarnação tomb, especially popular touristic place, located in the ancient fort ruins of 1670.  Nearby there is a chapel, of the same age as the fort is, destroyed after the earthquake, but rebuilt later.

The Alfazima's Lightouse, dated  1920, located  on Alfazima cape is a popular place to visit.  In the Middle Ages many caves and grottoes served as a shelter for pirates. Nowadays, these rocks and caves are visited by numerous tourists with rivers or sea cruises. It is interesting to listen to local fishermen telling stories about pirates and demonstrating the places where they were hiding.

If you wish to travel outside the city of Carvoeiro with our beautiful live broadcast, then just 15 km away is the marine zoo where you can watch the life of the sea  inhabitants . Also you can see dolphins show program here.  For children there are attractions in the marine park territory.

Gourmets will enjoy the variety of local traditional cuisine: baked sardines, bean roast with shellfish, bovine tail in its own juice.


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The city of Carvoeiro geographical location has the North African, Atlantic and Mediterranean wind and cyclones influence. The weather in Carvoeiro is very similar to the Mediterranean resorts. In winter the air warms up to 10-15 ° C, and in summer the temperature is within 28-30 ° C. The water temperature in the Atlantic Ocean in summer is + 21-24 ° C. In winter is from +15 to +19 ° C.

 Weather forecast in Carvoeiro city for 7 days is available on our website online.