Funchal city view

Madeira , Portugal


Our high quality PTZ webcam perfectly shows from every corner in the Portuguese resort town of Funchal, located on the island of Madeira. Live stream is conducted from the cafe The Ritz Madeira.

The best panorama of the city that you see in the webcam opens from Monte Mountain, where you can climb by the cable car. In Funchal, which is well visible online, as well as in outskirts there is large number of botanical gardens, the most famous of them: "Orchid Garden" and "Jardim Botânico”.

Despite the fact that Funchal, which center you see in the webcam, is not a real beach resort, here you can have a good time on the beach. The largest Madeira beach is Praia Formosa, located in the west of Funchal. This beach has 4 mixed sand and pebble beaches with excellent infrastructure. All of them are awarded with Blue Flag.

From the beach of Praia Formosa there is a path connecting it with the popular sea water pool complex - Lido. Another one complex- Ponta Gorda is located in the tourist promenade area, so you will not pass it by.

Exotic adventures lovers will enjoy the miniature natural volcanic pools complex of Doca do Cavacas. In Funchal, where is our webcam online, there are two pebble beaches: Praia do Gorgulho and Praia de São Tiago. There is poor infrastructure, but the advantage is its proximity and people absence.

From the cultural sights in the city of Funchal with our webcam, there is British colonial-style manor house Palheiro, surrounded by a beautiful park. This tropical paradise attracts with its thematic gardens: French Garden, Sunken Garden, Lady Garden, Rosary and others.

Funchal, where our online camera is located, has a favorable climate for a large number of open-air botanical gardens. For example, the main attraction of the island is the Madeira Botanical Garden (Jardins Botanicos da Madeira), with more than 2000 amazing plants growing here.

Tourists love to visit the colorful market of Mercado dos Lavradores, located in the center of the city with our live stream.

From architectural sights there are: the Se Cathedral (Sé do Funchal), Santa Clara monastery of the 15th century, São Lourenço Palace.


The climate in Funchal is not very hot, the summer is warm and comfortable. Curious fact: the water warms up to the same marks as the air. In winter and autumn time the water temperature is higher than the air. Weather forecast in Funchal for 7 days is available on our website online.

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