Murmansk city center

Murmansk , Russia

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The center of Murmansk and its attractions

This webcam shows the center of Murmansk and makes it possible to make an online trip to this city and the administrative center of the Murmansk region, located on the rocky east coast of the Kola Bay of the Barents Sea beyond the Arctic Circle.

Murmansk, part of which is visible in the live broadcast, is rich in various interesting historical and cultural attractions.

Alyosha Monument

This famous monument is part of a memorial composition in honor of Arctic defenders during the Second World War. The complex is located at an altitude of 173 m above the level of the city and the Kola Bay.

Cape Zeleny viewing platform 

The platform with a panoramic view of Murmansk, which this webcam shows well, is located on the Cape Zeleny, near the Alyosha memorial. The city, the bay and the port are clearly visible from the observation platform.

“Lenin” – the atomic icebreaker

This icebreaker from 1957 is the first icebreaker operated using nuclear energy. Since 2009, it has been used as a museum.

The Five Corners Square

The Five Corners Square, which is also broadcasted online on our website, is located in the center of Murmansk. Nearby there are the most important administrative buildings of the city.

Monument to Saints Cyril and Methodius

This monument was presented as a gift from Bulgaria, to the city of Murmansk online, as the founder of the “Day of Slavic Writing” festival which was first held in Murmansk in 1986.

Regional Museum of Local Lore in Murmansk

It is very popular among tourists and contains many exhibits telling about the history of the city in this webcam. Of particular interest there are geological rocks collection extracted from a depth of 12 kilometers and the seabed panorama (dry aquarium).

Monument to the Victims of intervention of 1918-1920

Perhaps this is the oldest monument in Murmansk, erected in 1927. In 1918, military men from England and the USA landed at the port of Murmansk, which led to the seizure of the territory with communists’ executions and arrests.

Monument to Waiting Woman

Since the whole history of Murmansk, the center of which this online camera demonstrates, is connected with the sea, it is not surprising the Monument to a woman awaiting her sailor is installed here. The statue is located on a hill high. On it base there is the inscription: “Who knows how to wait”.

The Naval Museum of the Northern Fleet

After the end of World War II, in 1946, the Naval Museum was created. Now, there are the exhibits that cover northern fleet of Russia entire formation period and its development, starting from 1693 and ending with modern nuclear submarines.

The Museum of the History of the Murmansk Shipping Company

The museum telling about the formation of the Northern Sea Route was founded 1977. There are amazing photographs and a portrait gallery of polar captains. Also, you can get acquainted with marine equipment, ship bells, nuclear reactor model and many other interesting exhibits.

Memorial Complex to the Soldiers and Seamen Who Died in Peaceful Time

This monument is depicted as a lighthouse sending light signals. It stands on a low hill. At the base there is the hexagonal tower with a ship anchor, under which a capsule with sea water is buried. A book of memory with the names of all victims recorded since 1945 has also been kept here.

Murmansk Art Museum

The Art Museum (1989) found its place in the oldest brick building of Murmansk, where a live stream is being conducted from. Visitors can get acquainted with the works from the 18th century to the present day. Besides paintings in the collection there are samples of art crafts from the northern peoples of Russia.

Murmansk Oceanarium

The Murmansk Oceanarium is both an entertainment center and the only scientific institution in Europe that studies seals.

Murmansk Ostrich Farm

A very unusual excursion awaits visitors to the Ostrich Farm of Murmansk. Despite the city in this live camera severe conditions, these amazing birds feel good on the farm. Visitors can feed them, touch and make some photos.

Monument to Cat Semyon

This bronze sculpture was erected in 2013 in honor of the cat Semyon, who was lost in Moscow but found his way to his owner in Murmansk you see online. The monument depicts a funny fat cat, crouched on a bench with a knot in its paws.

Besides the above mentioned attractions of Murmansk, which you can see in the online broadcast from the height of a webcam, there is an unusual museum in a real combat submarine K-21. Of course, need to be mentioned the monument to the tragically dead “Kursk” submarine.

Among the religious monuments, the special place takes new Marine Orthodox Church of the Savior on Waters. At a short distance from Murmansk, where this live stream is from, there is a wooden, renovated, operating Holy Trinity Trifonov Pechenga Monastery, dating back to 1566.

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