Wedding palace

Novy Urengoy , Russia

Wedding Palace "House of Life"

This HD webcam shows the newly opened and most popular wedding palace in the city of Novy Urengoy “House of Life” or “House of Happiness”. The beautiful building that you see in the online camera is a modern three-story building with an area of more than 4 thousand m2. The first floor of the house in this live camera is the central ceremonial hall of 197 m2 with a fountain in the center. There are banquet rooms with the possibilities of original video shooting and montage, as also wedding ceremonies broadcast.

Novy Urengoy

The city of Novy Urengoy, where the online stream is conducted from, is the Siberian settlement of gas workers and builders. Tourists love this town for the amazingly beautiful northern nature and the primeval tundra.

Novy Urengoy, where the webcam is located, is a very young city, so there are no bright historical sights here. The main cultural attraction is New Urengoy is City Museum of Fine Arts from 1984. At the beginning it worked as a branch of the Tyumen Regional Museum of Fine Arts. After 14 years, the museum acquired the status of an independent institution, which funds store 3,000 graphic art and painting objects, small sculptures, as well as Yamal bone-carving school monuments. The museum often organizes interesting thematic meetings and creative evenings with young talents.

Novy Urengoy, whose registry office "House of Life" is shown in a live online camera, boasts "Monument to Borodino Bread” unusual attraction, opened in 2012 in honor of the Battle of Borodino 200th anniversary.

Another interesting building in the city of Novy Urengoy, part of which this webcam demonstrates online, is the elegant designed Sailboat. In summer, this installation works as a fountain, and in winter it is used for a light show. Nearby, by the River Sede-Yakha , stands the picturesque Church of Saint Seraphim of Sarov.

An amazing trip awaits tourists to the Tazovska tundra, where during an organized excursion you can get acquainted with the nomadic tribes of indigenous minorities of Russia as Samoyeds and Nenets. It is better to go there in the summer or in the begining of autumn. During this period, the tundra is unusually beautiful!

Every year in mid-March in Novy Urengoy, whose wedding palace is shown by a webcam, there is a festival of the North people. Guests can take part in snowmobiling and reindeer sledding, participate in cross-country skiing and national sports competitions. Nearby there is a fair where you can buy northern fish, venison, berries and other authentic products.


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Novy Urengoy

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Despite the fact Novy Urengoy is dominated by the temperate climate, it is located in the extreme northern part, on the border with the subarctic climate. Winter in Novy Urengoy is long and frosty, especially cold from January to February. During this period, the northern lights are especially bright. Summer is short, only one month. From June to August you can watch white nights.
Weather forecast in Novy Urengoy for 7 days is available on our website online.

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