Yakutsk city center

Yakutsk , Russia


This webcam shows the center f the city of Yakutsk. Yakutsk or Dyokuuskay, as the locals call it, is the capital of the Republic of Sakha and the third largest city in the Far East.

The main feature of Yakutsk, whose center you see in the online camera, is its amazing landscapes. The city in this live broadcast is located by the Lena River, surrounded with lakes. One of the largest lakes in Yakutsk is Teploye. Also, in the city there are: Lake Taloe, Lake Saysary, Lake Sergelyakh and Lake Khatyng-Yuryakh.

Of the sights of Yakutsk, the area of which this webcam demonstrates online, it is worth paying attention to the Old Town quarter in the center of Yakutsk with wooden buildings of the early 17th century. These buildings are only partly original: after numerous fires, many constrictions were rebuilt. For example, the tower of the Yakutsk fortress, which flaunts on the coat of arms of the city.

In Yakutsk, where this online stream is from, there is the only Mammoth Monument in Russia, located in front of the Permafrost Institute.

Another interesting attraction is the Shergin's Well more than 100 m deep. At the beginning of the 19th century it was done to study permafrost data. Currently, the mine, which is located in the courtyard of the house, is an object protected by the state.

In Yakutsk, where this live camera is located, there is an amazing Mammoth Museum, in the laboratory of which one of the two mammoth trunks existing in the world is stored. It was found that the trunk belonged to a 60-year-old female mammoth.

At a distance of 5 - 7 km along the Vilyuysky tract (road) from Yakutsk in this online camera, there is a highlighted ice cave "The Kingdom of Permafrost". Nearby there is the "Chochur Muran" ethnographic complex with the riding huskies nursery where you can ride on teams. A bit away there is the ethnic center of “Ust-Kut”, a small private complex where you can participate in the traditional Algys ritual.

Besdies, in Yakutsk, which you see online, there are a small number of theatres: State tate Drama Theater Named After Pushkin, State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre. There are several museums: National Art Museum of The Republic of Sakha, Regional History Museum with many branches, as well as the unique and only World Mammoth and Permafrost Museum.

At the beginning of December in Yakutsk, which Lenin Square you see in this online camera, traditionally held the «Winter begins in Yakutsk» festival. During this celebration, Ded Moroz from Veliky Ustyug meets with the lord of the cold Chyskhaan, who lives in the “Kingdom of Permafrost”.

Spring in Yakutsk, well shown in a live view camera, hosts the Golden Dome Easter art festival. This is a charity event with free entrance to stands of the city.


The climate in Yakutsk, where the online camera is located, is severe. In winter, which lasts up to 7 months of the year, the temperature drops to -40 C. Summer in Yakutsk is short but hot, with an air temperature of +40 C. Weather forecast in Yakutsk for 7 days is available on our website online.

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