Shetland beautiful nature

Shetland , Scotland

Shetland Islands nature

Surprisingly beautiful, severe Shetland Islands in our online webcam show all their charm. Hundreds of tourists visiting these beautiful places, come here again, and again. It is on the Shetland Islands that Scandinavia meets Scotland, and the Atlantic Ocean meets with the North Sea.

The Shetland archipelago has more than 100 islands, but only 15 of them are inhabited. The islands cover hundreds of kilometers between FairIsle and OutStack, the northernmost point of the UK. Shetland Islands have a rich world of animals and a very beautiful rugged coast, where among the rocks live otters and seals. In the sky above the island there are many birds, which have their nests on picturesque rocks. Look at our web camera and you will see it!

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The landscapes of the miracle island are rich in deep gorges and hills, clearly visible in our live webcam. From the vegetation there is a low and rather hard grass, trees are practically absent. Only on the banks of the rivers, hiding behind the hills, you can meet birch, aspen and mountain ash.

Hiking is very popular on the Shetland Islands and become a real fascinating journey, full of impressions from the majestic cliffs and hills covered with heather. The surrounding nature is a real surprise for tourists.

After the completion of the last ice age, the islands rose from the depths of the sea. There are very few local animals for this reason, but when people arrived, domestic sheep, rabbits, wild rabbits, hedgehogs and house mice began to appear in these places. It is considered that the Shetland Islands are the place where such as dog breed as Shetland Sheepdog (Sheltie) is appeared. Shelties served to guard the cattle and were an ideal shepherds assistants.  The Shetland ponies were the best way to move on the islands. Despite their miniature growth, these animals are very strong.

The main women occupation on the islands is jumper knitting that still is considered as the main pleasant hobby as also brings a small income. The men are engaged in fishing, farming and cattle breeding.


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The climate in the Shetland Islands, which you see in our online webcam, is subarctic marine and temperate. In winter, the temperature almost never falls below 0C. In the summer it is quite cool, with a temperature not exceeding +20 C and frequent fogs. Snow can fall both in the winter and in the summer, but it does not stay on the surface for long time. The islands are characterized by cloudy weather, with a rare number of sunny days. The best time to travel to the Shetland Islands is from June to August.

Weather forecast on Shetland Islands is available on our website online.