Interlaken panorama

Interlaken , Switzerland

Interlaken panorama

In our live camera you can clearly see the beautiful panoramic view of the picturesque Swiss miniature town of Interlaken. It is located among the Alpine mountains, which are perfectly demonstrated in the live webcam. As our online camera shows well, Interlaken is surrounded by lakes and coniferous forests.

Interlaken is a real resort city. In winter, fans of alpine skiing and snowboarding come here. Not far from this city there is the famous winter resort of Jungfrau. It is also easy to get to Grindelwald and Murren. For beginners more suitable tracks are located in Bittenberg. And if you are a fan of cross-country skiing, then you should go to Lake Thun with the excellent tracks.

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Summer in Interlaken, which picturesque panorama of you see online, invites you for short tours to the Jungfrau Mountains, Scheidegg Glacier, Mount Harder Kulm, Lake Thun and Lake Brienz and other interesting places.

Of the natural attractions of Interlaken, perfectly demonstrated in the online camera, there is St. Beatus Caves (Sanct Beatus), named after St. Beat. These are ancient caves with the stalactites, stalagmites and underground lakes inside. Near, there is a park, restaurants and observation platforms above the beautiful Giessbach waterfalls. Take a look at the Caves Museum with the various minerals.

The whole family should go to the amusement Mystery Park with 7 pavilions telling about the human history.

Very interesting is the Höheweg Park and the old Augustinian monastery of 1130.

Cross the Aare River and visit the cozy town of Unterseen. There is the main church, on one sine of which you can see the Jungfrau peak and the Mönch mountain peak on the other side.

Climbing the Harder Kulm Mountain will open a beautiful view of the Alpine Mountains, which are also visible in the live webcam, also the Thun Lake and Brienz Lake.

Famous Panoramic Route “Golden Pass”, which goes by Brienz Lake, to Meiringen, passing the passages till Lucerne, is very popular. You will see the Bernese Oberland Mountains and you can visit the city of Montreux.
On the suburbs of Interlaken, which picturesque view you see online, there are many opportunities to do extreme tourism: fly a hang glider, paragliding, jump with a parachute, rocks climbing or go rafting.

Also, leaving the town of Interlaken, wich natural beauty you see in the live webcam, you can get to the Jungfraujoch mountain pass.

Visit the medieval city of Thun and be sure to get to know its Thun Lake. In addition, the city has a beautiful castle, which houses a curious museum of history. From the windows of the castle you can admire the picturesque panorama.

Not far from Interlaken, whose beauty is fascinating in our online webcam, on the shore of Lake Thun there is the town of Spiez.

And finally, traveling through Interlaken, which you see now online, we davise to visit the small town of Meiringen, the meringue cake birthplace. Near the town there is a beautiful natural landmark - the famous Reichenbach Falls, mentioned by the famous writer Conan Doyle in a popular work about Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson. In the city of Meiringen you should definitely visit the Sherlock Holmes Museum.


The climate in Interlaken, which you see well in an online webcam, is subalpine, mild. There is almost no wind due to the location of the resort: it is surrounded by coniferous forests.
Weather forecast in Interlaken for 7 days is available on our website online.


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