Artillery bay

Crimea , Ukraine

Artillery bay

In a beautiful live broadcast, you can see one of the main attractions of Crimea and Sevastopol - Artillery Bay, the only bay in the city not occupied by military targets.

Artillery Bay, which is shown in the online camera, is located on the Heracles Peninsula in Sevastopol, on the southern coast of the Sevastopol Bay.

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The bay located in the very center of the capital of Crimea in the webcam has a ferry pier and a pier for boats, on which you can go to city beaches.

On the shores of Artillery Bay, perfectly demonstrated in live stream, during the city and port foundation in 1783, was a gunpowder and artillery shells warehouse. The right bank of the Artillery Bay was given over to an artillery trade yard. So the gulf got its real name - Artillery. In the 18th century, the cove in the online live camera was still called Kady Liman. The left bank of the bay was called Artillery Slobodka.

In the middle of 1820, a commercial port was operating in the Artillery Bay in the live feed, carrying out internal trade. At the same time, the eastern shores of the Artillery Bay were actively built up.

In 1824, Primorsky Boulevard (Michmansky or Matrossky) appeared on the shores of the gulf in this webcam, and at the end of the bay the Historical Boulevard was laid.

In the past, Artillery Bay, where the online stream is coming from, extended beam of the same name, along the slope of which Odessa Street passed. It was also called the City, Central, or Odessa ravine. In 1958, the ravine was filled up.

In the early 1980s, on the coast at the exit from the bay in this live camera, there was a training three- to five-masted sea sailing ship "Kropotkin" with the "Barkentina" restaurant. In 1987, this landmark burned down.

The Artillery Bay, shown online, includes Primorsky Boulevard, city's trademark Monument to the Sunken Ships, as well as the famous Aquarium, the Theatre of Marine Animals and the Crystal Beach. In addition, there are bars and restaurants along the coast, from where you can watch beautiful sunsets.

From the highest point of Artillery Bay, perfectly shown in the webcam, the famous Kornilov embankment and Klokachev embankment originate.

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