Nazukina Embankment

Crimea , Ukraine

Nazukina embankment

In this webcam, you can see the main tourist attraction of the city of Balaklava - Nazukina Embankment. Its modern look the promenade in live stream got in the 1880s and 1890s.

Nazukina Embankment is a popular place for recreation and entertainment in the city. Along the cobbled pavement, there are restaurants, cafes, bars, yacht club, diving center, city beach, cinema, piers for private yachts and passenger boats, which also fall into the lens of this online camera.

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Park house

Buildings erected at the turn of the 20th and 19th centuries give the ceremonial look of Nazukina Embankment in this webcam.

The Nazukina Embankment, where the live broadcast is coming from, offers a view of the Balaklava Bay and Mount Kastron with the ruins of the Cembalo fortress.


Balaklava, where the online camera is located, is a popular resort town on the southwestern coast of Crimea, part of the Balaklava district in Sevastopol. The main symbol of the resort is the Balaklava Bay, which juts deep into the land.

The most popular option for rest in Balaklava is a boat trip along the coast with a wild beaches inspection: Cape Fiolent, South Coast of Crimea, Cape Aya and the beautiful area of ​​Inzhir.

It is interesting to visit the Balaklava Submarine Base, Cembalo Fortress, Balaklava St. George Monastery, the capital of Crimea, the city of Sevastopol and Bakhchysarai

At a short distance from Balaklava, which promenade is visible online, there are the Crimean Mountains with hiking trails. On the Fortress Hill lie the ruins of the Genoese Cembalo Tower, from which you can enjoy views of the resort. From this point, Cape Aya and the Shaitan-dere ravine are clearly visible.

A little to the east of Cape Aya there is the beautiful area of ​​Batilaman. The mountains here are covered with dense forest that leads to the coast.

The historical center of Balaklava has been well preserved by the Church of the Twelve Apostles of 1794. This is the oldest functioning church in Crimea.

The life of many outstanding personalities is connected with the resort town of Bakalava, for example, the architect Mikhail Alexandrovich Wrangel, writer Alexander Ivanovich Kuprin and poet Larisa Petrovna Kosach-Kvitka, known under the pseudonym Lesya Ukrainka, lived and worked here for some time.

A vacation in Balaklava would not be complete without visiting the beaches of the resort. Here are the most popular of them: City beach, Marble, Jasper, Monastyrsky, Vasili. The largest beach in the city is Golden Beach, which stretches for 800 meters.


The climate in Balaklava, where the online feed comes from, is close to the Mediterranean. Summer is dry and warm. The average monthly temperature is +20 ... + 22C, and the water warms up to +20 ... + 26C. In winter, here is from -5 to +8 C.

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