St Michael’s Mount

Marazion , United Kingdom

St. Michael’s Mount

This webcam shows the rocky island of St. Michael’s Mount, the key attraction of the English city of Marazion in the Cornwall County.

According to legend, in 495 a local fisherman saw St. Michael reveal itself on a cliff in this online broadcast. After that, the island became an attractive place for Christian pilgrims.
At the beginning of the 11th century, the English king Edward the Confessor presented the mountain island, which you see in a webcam, to the Benedictine monks order.
Later, in the 12th century, Bernard Le Beck from the Mont-Saint-Michel Abbey is founded a monastery, which occupied all the territory of the island. In the 15th century, King Henry V began a war against France and took control of the monastery, rebuilding it into a fortress.

Since the mid-17th century, the citadel shown in the online live camera, passed into the private ownership of the Saint-Aubin family, whose descendants live on the island today. Currently, about 30 people live there permanently.

The island of St. Michael’s, visible in a live stream, is located at a distance of 366 meters from the coast. To get to St. Michael’s Mountain, perfectly demonstrated in a live webcam, is possible on foot, waiting for low water, or on boats with the tide coming.

In general, the coasts of Britain and Ireland are rich in small islands with active or abandoned monasteries, shelters, fortresses and castles. St. Michael’s Mount in this online camera is one of such mysterious historical places. A significant part of them, like St. Michaels Mount in live stream camera, were founded in the Middle Ages by large religious movements or runabout monks.


The city of Marazion from where at a distance of 800 meters is located St. Michael’s Mount with the castle, shown in this online camera, standing at the Mount’s Bay in the County Cornwall County.

From the Penzance resort, where there is also a live broadcast on the Baltic Live Cam website, Marazion runs a little more than 3 km away. From this city curious tourists get to St. Michael’s Mount, either on foot or by boat.

Besides the vibrant like the St. Michael’s Mount, perfectly shown online, Marazion is the center of a thriving tourism industry with an active community of artists creating and selling their art works and ceramics in art galleries of the city.

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