London bridge

Lake Havasu City , United States

London Bridge

The bridge, which is perfectly visible in our webcam, was built in the 1830s. Previously, it spanned the River Thames in London. But in 1967 it was dismantled and moved to the United States. As can be clearly seen in the live broadcast, the London Bridge is a reinforced concrete structure with original masonry from the 1830s. It is located in the city of Lake Havasu City in Arizona. The London Bridge, together with the canal, was completed in 1971. Today, the bridge connects the island on the Colorado River with the main part of Lake Havasu City.

Obviously, Lake Havasu City became famous thanks to the London Bridge, which you can see in our live camera. In addition, tourists are attracted by the great opportunities of active water recreation here.

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The state of Arizona, where our webcam is located has Rocky Mountains, orange deserts, green valleys, oases, but most importantly, Arizona is the state of the Grand Canyon. The capital of Arizona is the city of Phoenix, located in the sultry Sonoran desert. Two other major cities are located in this desert also: Tucson and Hume.

Undoubtedly, the brightest landmark in Arizona, one of the 7th world wonders is the Grand Canyon. It is the largest river canyon in the world. The Canyon appeared thanks to the Colorado River, forming a colorful gorge in the limestone, shale and sandstone. There are helicopter tours are very popular, letting to see the Grand Canyon in all its beauty.

Arizona is proud of its protected natural areas: Painted Desert National Park, Old Pueblo Archaeological center, Tonto National Monument, Saguaro National Park. Besides, in Arizona there is an amazing meteorite crater - Devil's Canyon with a diameter of 1250 left by a fallen meteorite. Nowadays, the meteorite pieces are the most popular souvenir from Arizona.

A very popular place in Arizona is the Heavenly Path. It is an observation bridge form platform with a transparent glass floor resembling a horseshoe shape, located at an altitude of 1219 m.

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Lake Havasu City's climate is temperate. Summer is hot, winter is mild. In the period from autumn to spring, the air temperature here is about +16 C. In summer, temperatures reach + 52 C. July and August are the period of monsoon winds. From March to June is the best time to travel to Lake Havasu City and Arizona.

Weather forecast in Lake Havasu City for 7 days is available on our website online.