Les Sables Blancs beach

Douarnenez , Frankreich

Les Sables Blancs beach

The beach of Les Sables Blancs on our online webcam is the biggest sandy beach of the French city of Douarnenez and its main attraction. This well-equipped area attracts fans of windsurfing, classic sailing or kayaking. Fans of passive recreation can also relax here. Nearby there are several restaurants, so you can always stay for a whole day and spend a good time. To get to the beach in our live broadcast is possible through the Port-Rhu - the safest and fully protected pier.


The city of Douarnenez with our live stream camera is located in the south of the same name bay and belongs to the department of Finistère in Brittany.
Douarnenez is an important tourist center, it is facilitated by its location: near the cape Pointe du Raz -one of the most important tourist destinations in France. The cape is famous for 70-meter cliffs. Here it is excellent to go surfing in the Trepasses Bay. There are the lighthouses on the cape as also on the island.

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The name of the town of Douarnenez came from the two Breton words douar (land) and an enez (island).

Douarnenez was founded in the 12th century. The city has many legends. One says that on the bottom of the bay lies the mythical Ker-Is city sunk because of the daughter of King Gradlon Dahut. From the city flooded with sea water, only Dahut himself and King Gradlon, the founder of the city of Kemper, survived.

There is another local landmark - the legend of the knight Tristan. He fell in love with Princess Isolde. They were destined to be together only after death. According to legend, the unhidden Tristan lived and died in the area of Douarnenez. Now his name has an island in the bay, which is called Tristan Island. It is interesting that at low tide the island is easy to walk.

Douarnenez has 3 ports: fishing boats port, sports and pleasure yachts and the port- museum Rhu (boat museum).

Douarnenez is the birthplace of the Breton traditional butter puff Kouign-amann with chocolate or apple filling topped with sugar. Is very popular here for more than 150 years.

The center of the town of Douarnenez has narrow streets, paved with stone, almost untouched by history. In the main square there is a market, many shops, banks and other important city facilities are located nearby. There are many hotels, restaurants, cafes, there is a post office and many tourist offices. The most attractive part of the city is the way along the sea coast in the port of Rosmer, teeming with cafes and seafood restaurants.


In Douarnenez a moderately warm climate prevails. Throughout the year the amount of precipitation is quite large. Winters are mild rainy, summers are never hot.
The weather forecast in Douarnenez for 7 is available on our site online.