Rhodos , Greece


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Lindos, a beautiful panorama of which is perfectly visible in our online webcam - is a small village town of the island of Rhodes. The pavements of the town are made with white stones.

Lindos has a perfect beaches, bays and picturesque lagoons. There is a comfortable rest in a luxury hotels and private villas, and dinner in a local tavern. For the nightlife lovers, there are many nightclubs and bars in Lindos with our web camera online.

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There is the second largest and most important Acropolis of Greece in this miniature town, perfectly seen in our live web camera online. At the very foot of the rock with Acropolis (116 m), there is a bas-relief with a drawing of ancient Greeks warship of the 2nd century. In the center of Acropolis, which is perfectly visible in our live broadcast, is the temple of the goddess Athena of Lindos, dated 4 century BC. e. Also there is an ancient theatre, which stage and tribunes are carved in the deepening of the rock. In times of knights in the Acropolis an excellent protected impregnable castle of the Order of St. John was built.

During its long life, the Acropolis of Lindos survived many devastations: earthquakes and wars. In the middle of the 20th century it was slightly reconstructed.

The town of Lindos is one of the historical monuments protected by UNESCO. In addition to the Acropolis, which you see in our webcam, here is the ancient Christian church of St. John, erected during the Byzantine Empire. Well preserved the chapel of St. Paul.

It is interesting to visit the temple of the monastery of Archangel Michael, listen to the singing of Byzantine monks and admire the antique murals. There is still used the ancient system of fountains, created in Byzantine times.
In addition to architectural and historical monuments, Lindos in our online webcam has picturesque landscapes, especially the beautiful Seven Springs valley.

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The climate of Lindos is mediterranean. Summer is hot, the average temperature is about + 30 C. Winter is mild and warm. The average temperature in January is +7 С.
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