Simpson bay

Sint Maarten , Netherlands

Simpson bay

Simpson Bay and Maho Beach, which are perfectly visible in our webcam, are located on the island of Sint Maarten in the part belonging to Netherlands. The webcam itself is installed at the small Sunset Bar and Grill.


Sint Maarten

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Sint Maarten

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Sint Maarten Island is located in the Caribbean and belongs to the group of Caribbean islands. Its territory is owned by two countries: France and Netherlands. More than 30 sandy beaches stretched along the coast. One of them, the Maho beach at Simpson Bay is just perfectly visible in our webcam.

The Island of Sint Maarten is part of the so-called windward Caribbean islands: there is the also famous island of Saint-Barthélemy. Sint Maarten Island has a volcanic origin. It is quite small, just 87 sq. Km.

It is interesting: Sint-Maarten was discovered by the famous sailor Christopher Columbus in 1493. After this event, the French and the Spanish came here. Later the island was chosen by pirates.

Sint Maarten, whose beach is visible in the live broadcast, has a convenient geographic location, which caused disputes between states in the past. Thus, in the 17th century, there was a conflict between France and the Netherland that eventually led to the fact: Sint - Maarten was divided into two equal parts. Now Sint Maarten, or as the French call it, Saint Martin belongs to two states at once.

A curious fact: Sint Maarten is the only point in the world where France borders with the Netherlands. The capital of Sint Maarten is the city of Philipsburg.

Tourism is an important and major part of the island’s profits. Despite the fact the Sint Maarten has its own airport, the most popular is the sea transport.There is a huge port, capable to work with many ships, including merchant vessels. By the way, Sint Maarten is located in the offshore zone: there are almost no taxes here. Therefore, traders from Europe are striving here.

The coast of the beautiful island of Sint Maarten is “occupied” by many bays and beaches, one of which is perfectly demonstrated by our web cam online. In the Netherlands, the sand is more yellow. The snow-white beach areas are on the French side. There are excellent hotels and developed infrastructure everywhere.

Sint Maarten is a palm trees island. Beautiful palms are covering the most part of it’s territory.


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The climate of the island of Sint Maarten is tropical, marine and humid. The air masses on the island are warm. The rainy season lasts from April to November. The average summer temperature is + 27 ° C. Humidity is 76%.

Weather forecast on Sint Maarten Island is available for 7 days on our website online.