Karpacz center

Karpacz , Polen


We would like to present you a picturesque live broadcast on the center of the small Polish town of Karpacz. Look, what a doll doll houses there are in front of you! Besides the fact - this is just an amazingly beautiful city, Karpacz, which you see in the webcam, is also one of the most popular ski resorts in Poland.

The main attraction of the city of Karpacz is the wooden Wang Church of the 12th century. It is curious, the church was built in Norway, but later, in the 19th century, it was transported to Poland. Therefore, the Wang church is a true symbol of Scandinavian architecture.

Visit the Sports and Tourism Museum, the City Toy Museum (Muzeum Zabawek), the Modern Art Gallery, Sztolnie Kowary mines of iron ore and uranium.

Karpacz, which you see online, is the largest center of winter sports and summer holidays in the Sudetenland. Here is a comfortable climate, beautiful nature, clear water and healthy air.

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In the town of Karpacz, it's nice just to walk also. Visit the mountain waterfalls, go to the Wang church.

Besides, in the city of Karpacz, which center is perfectly visible in our webcam online, you try yourself as a cowboy. Saddle a horse in a fabulous Western City (city of cowboys), shoot a gun, and drink whiskey.

Children will enjoy a tour of the toy City Toy Museum with the dolls from Pinocchio to Barbie.

In Karpacz there are nightclubs, indoor pool, cozy bars, restaurants and pizzerias.


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The climate in Karpacz is mountainous, the temperature is unstable. There is a lot of snow in the winter. Fogs and strong winds are a characteristic feature of this city. The ski season begins in November and ends in April. In winter, an average is –5 ° C. Summer in Karpacz is not hot. The average temperature is about + 10 ° С. Most rain falls in July.

Weather forecast in Karpacz for 7 days is available on our website online.