Penzance promenade

Penzance , Großbritannien

Penzance promenade

In this webcam you can clearly see the most popular place for walking by the sea, especially in the summer - the Penzance promenade. As the online camera perfectly shows, people constantly appear in the live broadcast, slowly strolling along the coast or sitting on benches, which you also see on the embankment in this online camera.

From the seaside boulevard, seen online, on the right, you can clearly observe the small town of Penzance, located on a hill that also falls into the lens of a webcam.

Especially the Penzance promenade is appreciated by romantics who come to Mount's Bay to meet the sunrise, which you can catch in an online camera too.


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Port city of Penzance in the live stream, is located in the English county of Cornwall. This small town is a birthplace of such well-known chemists from the 18th century as Humphry Davy and his cousin Edmund Davy.

The status of the important regional center the city of Penzance, which coast is shown by an online camera, got in the middle of the 19th century, thanks to the railway, providing active trade with Bristol, London and Manchester. Later, tourists began to arrive in the city, seeking relaxing holidays on the excellent beaches of Penzance, one of which you can see in the live camera.

The city of Penzance, whose coast is broadcasting online, has been thoroughly rebuilt several times over its long history that is why there is no original historical building here. Despite this, interesting buildings have been preserved in the city: for example, at Chapel Street there is an amazing Egyptian house. We also advise you to visit the building of the Union Hotel with an ancient theatre of the 18th century in Georgian style. Also, at the Regent Street and Clarence Street there are a lot of Georgian and Regent Style buildings.

There are few hotels in Penzance, but they are all located in the old restored houses in the city center.

Besides the settlement itself, which promenade is shown in an online webcam, it’s interesting to visit the north coast of the Cornwall Peninsula with picturesque and deserted beaches.

The best time to relax in Penzance is from April to the end of September. There is comfortable 15-25 degrees and sunny weather.

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