Birch Aquarium

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Birch Aquarium

In our online camera, you have the opportunity to observe the amazing underwater world of the Birch Aquarium, located at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography at UC San Diego.

The Birch Aquarium, which you can see in live stream camera, invites guests to the exciting world of the underwater kingdom. The mission of the aquarium, perfectly demonstrated by the webcam, says: „At Birch Aquarium at Scripps, we connect understanding to protecting our ocean planet“.

Birch Aquarium, where our online stream is from, began its work in 1903 after the Marine Biological Association of San Diego was established to conduct marine research in the local waters of the Pacific Ocean. The founders built and maintained a small aquarium and museum to tell the world about their discoveries. At this time, the aquarium was a modest laboratory. The first permanent building at the new place was built in 1910. Further, in 1915, the first building dedicated exclusively to the aquarium was built on the Scripps campus. Oceanographic Museum was located in the next building. In 1925, the name of the institution changed to the Scripps Institution of Oceanography. The Scripps Aquarium-Museum, which houses the Birch Aquarium in our online live camera, opened in 1951. It got its present name in 1992.

The area of the Birch Aquarium, whose inhabitants can be clearly seen in the live stream camera, is 5,960.4 m2. The capacity of the aquarium is 660,000 liters of sea water.

Birch, the aquarium in our webcam, has several halls. In the “Hall of Fishes”, which aquarium you can see perfectly online, there are more than 60 tanks of Pacific fishes and invertebrates. In the “ElasmoBeach” hall there are aquariums with a sandy bottomed outside tank. This tank features various sharks and rays, including leopard sharks and pacific angelsharks. In „the Tide-Pool Plaza” there are features three living tide pools where visitors can touch and learn about tide-pool animals with docents. Guests can become closely acquainted with starfish, hermit crabs, sea cucumbers, lobsters and other animals found in San Diego’s tidal pools. „Seahorses“ hall represents more than a dozen seahorse species and their relatives, a special seahorse nursery, and hands-on activities for all ages about seahorse biology. „Boundless Energy” hall is an outdoor playground that celebrates the innovative ways we can use natural forces to power our lives. Interactive stations explore ways to harness renewable energy from the sun, the wind, and ocean motion.


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