Dublin, New Hampshire Yankee Publishing

Dublin, New Hampshire Yankee Publishing , Dublin, New Hampshire Yankee Publishing


The web camera is aimed at the headquarters of the Sagendorph Yankees Publishing House in Dublin, New Hampshire, USA. The building is named in honor of Rob Sagendorph, the founder of the Yankee magazine and the 11th editor of the Old Farmer Almanac.

The area of the town of Dublin is 75.37 km2, is located in the south of the state of New Hampshire. The northern slopes of Mount Monadnock are famous for the fact that they are most often climbed. The highest point of the city is 864 meters. In the west is Lake Dublin-Pond, whose area is about 1 square kilometer, and the maximum depth reaches 30 meters. Dublin is known for having spent two years here a writer-satirist Mark Twain.

New Hampshire

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Dublin, New Hampshire Yankee Publishing
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Dublin, New Hampshire Yankee Publishing

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New Hampshire is the smallest American state with a population of 1.4 million people. The British are the first Europeans who live in the territory of New Hampshire from 1623. The state was the first rebellious against the British region when the war for independence started. The Declaration of Independence was signed here. But in the US, as a state, New Hampshire entered only in 1788.

It is one of the most picturesque states of the USA, famous for its natural beauty. In the north, the tops of the White Mountain ridge dot the gorgeous gorges, for example, the Francophone. In the center of the state, there are delightful ponds and lakes, most notably Lake Winnipesaukee. The ninth state of the USA is proud of the majestic Appalachians in the central part of New Hampshire-the White Mountains, with a beautiful nature reserve. Here stands the legendary Mount Washington (1917 m). These places are very fond of tourists, whose number is constantly growing.

Stunningly beautiful natural landscapes provide for walks along the coast and in the highlands. An ideal resting place for those who wish to escape from the rhythm of modern large cities. Local people and tourists are attracted to virgin nature and an interesting history.

New Hampshire is called a resort of four seasons, as in summer it is pleasant weather on the seaside of Hampton Beach, and in winter you can go skiing or snowboarding to Dartmouth Skiway or Mount Sunapee. In autumn and spring,will not be bored too: you can go hiking in the endless forests of this amazingly picturesque region.


The climate in New Hampshire is humid continental. Summer is warm here, and winter is cold. The amount of precipitation is distributed fairly evenly throughout the year. Under the influence of the Atlantic Ocean in the southeast, the climate is wetter and softer. And closer to the center - more severe and dry.

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