Cathedral of Christ the Savior

Königsberg , Rusia

Cathedral of Christ the Savior

In the center of Kaliningrad (former Königsberg), on the main square of the city, is the Cathedral of Christ the Savior that you see on our web camera online. The main Orthodox church of the city was built in 2006 by the architect Oleg Kopylov in the traditional Russian-Byzantine style. The white stone cathedral, you can see in our live stream, has three entrances, above which are mosaic medallion icons, the main one is decorated with the image of Christ the Savior, the southern one - John the Baptist and the northern one - the Blessed Virgin. In the basement of the stylobate is the lower temple, consecrated in honor of the icon of Christ the Savior. The upper cathedral church, consecrated in honor of the Nativity of Christ, holds more than three thousand people, the lower one was designed for four hundred parishioners.

The beginning of the construction of the main church of the city on our webcam is 1995, when the foundation for the construction was laid a capsule with the earth from the Moscow Cathedral of Christ the Savior. 

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