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Here you are the capital, the administrative center and the port city of Shetland Islands– the city of Lerwick in our web cam live. Curiously, Lerwick is the only town with the City status in the all Shetland archipelago.

Lerwick, which you see in our web camera, is quite small city, it is easily to get around it in one day. Despite its modest size, there are a pier, many cafes and restaurants, a museum and a cultural center here.

The most famous place is Lerwick Town Hall of 1884, located in the center. Nowadays, the Shetland Islands Council sits here. Also the Town Hall is used for rent the various events such as weddings, concerts, exhibitions.

Besides the town hall in Lerwick, with our live broadcast, there is Fort Charlotte, built in 1665 and reconstructed in 1781 has a great importance.

In the center of Lerwick town there is also a fortification of Broch of Clickimin, made using dry masonry way to build - typical Scottish tradition.

In 10 km from Lerwick in our webcam online there is the former capital of Shetland Islands - the city of Scalloway with the same name Scalloway castle, built in 1600.


Shetland Islands

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Islas Shetland

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Shetland Islands (or Shetland), where the city of Lerwick with our live stream is located, is the farthest archipelago formerly owned by Norway. Since 1469, the islands have passed under the Scotland rule.

Shetland is a unique place with a wild, untouched northern nature, with the birds living on the coastal cliffs, whales swimming near. There is a northern light at any time of the year in Shetland.

The archipelago has more than a 100 islands, but only 15 of them are inhabited. The largest are: Mainland, Yell and Unst. Many others are considered as a national parks and reserves, where you can go for a walk, using small vessels.


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The climate in the town of Lerwick is temperate, subarctic. There is a great warm Atlantic waters influence. The summer is cool enough, with a temperature not exceeding +21 C. It is mostly cloudy, humid, raining and foggy often. It can be snow at any time of the year, but it melts quickly.

Weather forecast in Lerwick for 7 days is on our website online.