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Picturesque train journey in Montenegro

There are railways in places, where is difficult to reach with car, airplane or steamer. They are laid along the mountains, passing through the marshy forests and often themselves become an interesting detail of landscape. The railway transport can be a high-speed train, skipping the country in one breath or a slow train, turning the trip into a real excursion. The train that you see on our online camera passes through the territory of Montenegro. It is interesting that as such there is no domestic rail service in Montenegro. The live broadcast camera shows the only line in Montenegro that passes through the cities of Podgorica and Bialopole and is sent from Belgrade to Bar.

The above-mentioned railway route you see on our web camera online is one of the most picturesque in the world. It is interesting that the trains themselves are very colorful. The train pass through the picturesque landscapes created by nature and human: 34 mountains, 12 local towns and villages, 14 rivers, 7 fields, 86 bridges, 199 tunnels (the longest of which is 5172m). The route includes such residential areas as: Zeta (Serbia), towns and villages of Montenegro: Podgorica, Bioche, Bratonozhy, Lutovo, Trebeshitsa, Kos, Kolasin, Treblalevo, Mojkovac, Kolo, Krushevo, Bialo field. If you look out of the window for a long time, the surrounding landscapes will hypnotize you. It is interesting that the train journey on our camera starts in the warm summer season and by the end of the trip you get into the winter season.


Montenegro is located in the west of the Balkan Peninsula, on the Adriatic coast. A small country can be proud of its natural landscapes: high mountains (rocky and overgrown with forests), canyons, fields, wide meadows, rivers, lakes. Thanks to clean air, not polluted by harmful exhausts and waste, Montenegro is called the “ecological reserve of Europe”. The country is very attractive for tourists, because the nature took care of it. Guests are attracted by local beaches, the length of which is 70 kilometers. You will find small and large pebbled beaches, sandy beaches and beaches with concrete buns. There are public and private, noisy and crowded, and for those who love silence – secluded beaches.

In general, tourists are shown the same advertised places and excursion is in the beaten pathways. There are places in Montenegro that ordinary tourists do not know about, it’s difficult to get there and that makes these places even more attractive. For example, ethno-village. The first ethno-village in Montenegro “Etno selo Montenegro” awaits guests since 2006. Durmitor National Park is another beautiful place and picturesque landscape. Very popular in winter season (skiing, mountaineering). All together there are 18 glacial lakes.

Another interesting sight is the Daibabe Men’s Monastery. The monastery is located in a very unusual place: it is dug in the ground and has a small cave system and a water source in the mountain. The walls of the caves are painted with the faces of saints. An interesting rock paintings are located in the city of Liptsy. Here you will find rocks, on which an ancient painter trained his art in the depiction of animals and swastikas.


In general, Montenegro has a moderate continental climate. But in mountainous areas it is alpine. In winter it is usually -20, for 5 months it can be snow, which makes Montenegro a popular winter resort. In mountainous settlements in the north of the country, snow can remain until July. On the Adriatic coast, the climate is Mediterranean and quite warm. Summer temperature is +35 and in winter the temperature goes below zero. The swimming season lasts from late April to late October. Water in the Adriatic Sea reaches +23 +25 degrees, and in the Bay of Kotor to +28! In central regions of the country is a bit cooler than on the coast.

Weather in Montenegro for 7 days is available on our website online.