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Cajamar in the live camera is a municipality in the state of São Paulo, bordering Jundiai in the north, Franco da Rocha and Caieiras in the east, the capital in the southeast, Santana do Parnaiba and Pirapora do Bom Jesus in the west.


São Paulo

Sao Paulo, where the live broadcast comes from, is a state in the southeast of Brazil and an important economic center of the country. To the northwest there are the São Paulo Rivers and the popular hot springs water park. The north is known for draft beer and the largest rodeo festival.

In the west of the region in the webcam there are quiet cities with traces of Japanese immigration.

The central part of Sao Paulo in the online camera is a transition zone between the industrialized east and the rural north and west of the state.

The Campinas region is a bustling metropolis with cozy towns with mineral springs and traditional farms.

Sorocabana is the cycling capital of the state with the Jurumirim and Barra Bonita reservoirs, canyons and waterfalls of the Itarare Valley.

In Santos and the South Coast of São Paulo, in a live stream, there is a coastal metropolis of Baixada Santista, adjacent to the UNESCO-protected Ribeira Valley rainforest.

The Grand Sao Paulo region is a vast agglomeration and largest city in the southern hemisphere.

The north coast is home to beach resorts and some of the charming towns of the Paraiba Valley.

The main city of the state, where the municipality of Cajamar online is located, is Sao Paulo.

The second largest metropolis is Campinas, and the largest port in Brazil is the city of Santos.

São Luiz do Paraitinga is known for its 19th century historic center, traditional carnival and ecotourism opportunities.

Millions of Christians come to Aparecida every year to visit the largest Catholic church in the world outside the Vatican.

The city of Iguapa preserves the heritage of the colonial era with a historic center surrounded by unspoilt beaches and nature.

Campos do Jordão is a picturesque mountainous area covered with many Brazilian pines, with a pleasant climate, European architecture, cobbled streets and small shops. The city is known for its annual Winter Classical Music Festival.

San Sebastian, located on the coast, is famous for Maresias Beach, an important historical center and entry point to Ilhabela.

Ribeirão Preto is the largest city in the northwestern part of Sao Paulo in the online camera. There are valuable historical buildings and the most popular restaurant in the country.

The city of Presidente Prudente is the capital of Western Paulista.

Of the sights of Sao Paulo in the webcam, an important place is occupied by the Jacupiranga Nature Reserve with a large original reserve of the Atlantic rainforests, the famous “Caverna do Diabo” (Devil’s Cave) and the beautiful Lagamar de Cananéia.

Alto Ribeira State Tourist Park has collected a collection of tropical rainforests of the Atlantic. There are many animals and the largest concentration of caves in the world.

Other places of interest in the state where the live stream is from: Serra do Mar State Park, Paulista Waterway over the Serra da Mantiqueira mountain range, the unspoiled Ilhabela archipelago with Trilha do Bonete Jungle Trail, Serra da Bocaina National Park, Ubatuba beach and Brotas.

In the southeast of Sao Paulo in the webcam, there are the Atlantic Forest reserves, which are a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

In the centers of most medium and large cities of the state in the online camera, such as the historical center of São Paulo, as well as some small towns and villages, they were able to preserve a significant heritage of the past, including Sousa, Joaquim Egidio, Amparo, São Luiz do Paraitinga and Paranapiacaba.

There are few cities with a significant legacy of the colonial period (XVI-early XIX centuries), for example, Iguape and Santana de Parnaiba.

The state of São Paulo shown online is rich in beautiful nature and landscapes. In the east is the largest part of the Atlantic Southeast Reserves, a World Natural Heritage site formed by the Serra do Mar and Vale do Ribeira, while 30% of the north of the state is occupied by the Serra da Mantiqueira mountains.


The climate in the city of Cajamar and in the state of São Paulo is subtropical. The average annual temperature is about 20C, the coldest month is July (15C) and the warmest is February (23C). Weather forecast in Cajamar for 7 days is available on our website online.

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