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Roatan , Honduras
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Coco view dive resort

There is the live broadcast from the Coco View resort, located on the Roatán Island, the largest of the islands of Honduras, in the Sierra de Omoa mountain range.

The Coco View Resort, visible in  webcam, is one of Roatan’s best diving resorts. There are excellent leisure and maximum comfort conditions. There are beautiful coral reefs are located in shallow water.

Roatan Island with the Coco view dive resort in online broadcast, is long and narrow part of land. The island’s mountain range is surrounded by large coral reefs, with the fishing villages and towns, scattered along the coast.



Roatan Island, where live webcam is located, is the largest island of the Republic of Honduras in the Caribbean. The island has 2 municipalities: José Santos Guardiola and Roatan. The most numerous city and capital of Roatan is Coxen Hole.

Roatan online, is the main cruise port and popular diving center, located near the Barrier Reef.

The most popular tourist destination in Roatan with this live broadcast, is the West End beach. In addition to beach recreation and diving, Roatan attracts with eco-tours, sports fishing, swimming, sailing and underwater, yachting with a transparent bottom, relaxing in the Carambola botanical gardens, traveling to the iguanas’ farm, as well as to the ancient Roatana settlement – Punta Gorda.



The Republic of Honduras where there is live stream comes from, is located in Central America. This country is a real tropical paradise attracting tourists from all over the world with its beautiful islands, dense tropics and majestic mountains.
Honduras online, is one of the most successful places on earth for diving and snorkeling. In addition, the country is rich in attractions: the ancient Mayan ruins, colonial era settlements.

One of the main attractions of Honduras in web camera, are its islands, one of which, Roatan is webcam.

Another island of Honduras demonstrated live, is Cochinos Island (Cayos Cochinos), famous for its calm and rural rest.

On the island of Guanaja is a pleasure to relax and enjoy nature. It is always warm here, the water is clear and there are coral reefs for fans of diving and snorkeling. Besides, there is a beautiful waterfall here.

Utila Island is the smallest of all the islands of Honduras in online footage. In addition to comfortable diving conditions, it’s nice just to walk or ride a horse to explore the caves and jungles.

The famous Cangrejal River (Rio Cangrejal) is a great place for kayaking and rafting.

Worth to visit the city of Comayagua – an amazing colorful village.

Organize a trip to the Rio Platano Biosphere Reserve with the virgin ecosystem of Honduras in the live camera, and some rare mammal species verge of extinction.

Do not ignore the trip to Punta Sal National Park with tropical birds, sea turtles, dolphins, manatees, crocodiles, monkeys and boas.

There is the picturesque and largest lake in Honduras in the online camera Yojoa (Lago de Yojoa), considered the one of the most famous landmarks of the country. There is a large variety of birds here. Also you can fish here. Also, you can dive into the hot springs, explore the caves and the Mayan ruins.

It is interesting to look into the city of the Mayan Indians – Copan settlement with the image of the Mesoamerica villages. There are still stone buildings dating back to the 9th century BC.

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Roatan Island online, has a tropical trade-wind climate all year round. Average temperature is + 27C. The tourist season lasts from December to April.

Weather forecast on Roatan Island for 7 days is available on our website online.