Elburg City Centre

Elburg , Holland
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Online camera located in the province of Gelderland, Netherlands, is showing us the Neolitic settlement in Elburg. The town is no larger than 350 by 250 metres but it is full of historic monuments and buildings. Moreover, the city wall remained and the city is surrounded by moats.

Even though the town of Elburg is small, there are many museums to visit. For example, the 15th-century convent of St Agnes now is a home to Museum of Elburg. This museum hosts exhibitions about the town’s history.

Until the end of World War II the city of Elburg remained a farming and fishing center. Nowadays, it is possible to rent a traditional sailing ship that were used for fishing. Also you can hire kayaks, canoes and go kitesurfing. Beautiful city of Elburg is a perfect place for those who love nature and water sports.

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