Zagreb – View from City Plaza

Zagrebas , Kroatija


Town square building in Zagreb

The live camera is located on the City Plaza Zagreb. This is a multi functional business center, built on the corner of Slavonski Avenue and Maronicha Street right in the center of the Croatian capital of Zagreb. This completed project is one of the largest investments in the construction of buildings in Croatia in recent period of time.


The capital of Zagreb is the largest city in Croatia. One of the local legends explains the origin of the name of the city. The leader of one military campaign during the small rest of his squadron pierced his sword into the ground. Suddenly, a fountain of cold water was hammered from under the ground. The warrior exclaimed: "Shovel down!", or translating into Croatian language "Zagrebayte". His squad began to actively shovel the water, quenching a strong thirst. So that is how the name of the capital appeared. But there is another version that city received its name from the Old Croatian word "zagreb" - a mound, fortification.
For the first time Zagreb was mentioned in 1093 and in 16th century Zagreb became the most important and significant city in Croatia. The capital have very straight and plain streets. Buildings in the city are mostly multi-store. Zagreb is a very green city with numerous monuments of art and culture remained from the past centuries. The capital is conventionally divided into the Upper Town (northeastern part) with old historical buildings and the Lower Town - the modern part of the city, which is visible on the web camera of our live broadcast.

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Old town is rich with monuments, which take guests into the historical past: the Gothic church of St. Mark XIV-XV which has been restructured twice; the beautiful Church of St. Catherine and the Episcopal Palace with Chapel of St. Stephen. Roof in the form of a mosaic with multi-colored tiles and the Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, located in the historic center of the former Kaptol.

Cultural life in the capital is a real paradise for art lovers: there are 16 theaters, 22 museums, 31 art galleries. The most popular among all of the museums, which gained fame among both locals and tourists is the Mimara Museum. The collection includes more than 3,700 works of art from ancient times to present day. Also, definitely worth a visit is the Strossmayer Gallery of Old Masters, the Museum of the People's Revolution and the Modern Gallery of the Yugoslav Academy.
From the theaters of Zagreb the most famous is the Croatian National Theater, built in 1895. It is located in a beautiful building, which were also built in 1895 and it is considered as a true architectural gem of the city.

Zagreb is rich not only with its historical heritage. It is full of modern shops, restaurants for every taste and purse, and a variety of sport centers. It is the center of congress, economic and business events and forums, trade fairs, which involved not only the representatives of Croatia, but also in other countries of Europe.

In general, Zagreb is quite affordable and prices in restaurants and other similar institutions are not high. You can dine here without spending a lot of money and with full satisfaction. The most expensive establishments include the restaurant "Slavia", and real national dishes can be enjoyed in restaurants on Tkalcicheva Street. For vegetarians, the restaurant "Medulitz" is open here.
Shopping in Zagreb mainly takes place on the main shopping street - Ilica. And in the department stores of Nam and Ilica you can buy a variety of souvenirs.


The climate is continental in Zagreb, average summer temperature of +20 C, average winter +1 C. The hottest month is May, especially the end of the month, when the temperature exceeds +30 C. Winter is characterized by heavy snowfalls, and Autumn with rain. Tourists mainly visit the capital of Croatia from May to September.

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