Hirtshals Port 2

Hirtshals , Danija
Transliacija vykdoma bendradarbiaujant su Hirtshalso uostu.
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Hirtshals Port 2


This HD Webcam Hirtshals view of the Hirtshals port shows one of the main transport hubs in Denmark. It mainly connects to Norway, but is also a major role player in the transport of goods across Europe. It is connected to inland Denmark via the Hjørring-Hirtshals railway line and also to the Lliheden and Emmersbæk railway lines. The town of Hirtshals on the seaport coast of Skagerrak in Northern Denmark was developed around the Hirtshals port. The Hirtshals online cam shows the activities around this important port.

Role in tourism

Apart from goods and fisheries, the Hirtshals port shown on this live web camera transports 2.1 million passengers per year with ferries to and from Norway. This massive influx of tourists and visitors creates a lot of jobs at the Hirtshals port and significantly boosts the economy of Denmark. Norwegians come to Hirtshals for shopping and relaxation among other things.

Ferries to Norway and Iceland

There are three main ferry lines that carry passengers to and from Norway. The Colorline ferry service transports passengers to Kristiansana and Larvik. Fjordline carries passengers to Bergen and Stavanger. Finally, Smynline is the line that takes passengers to Torshavn and the Faroe islands on Seyðisfjörður in Iceland. Passengers can buy food and beverages on the ferries tax-free.

A summer tourist destination

Many Danes have summer homes in the Hirtshals area. There are plenty of things to do in this town in the summer. Hirtshals is the home of one of the largest aquariums in Europe – the Nordsøen Oceanarium and this has been rated as the top thing to do in Hirtshals by Tripadvisor. The Hirtshals Fyr lighthouse is another highlight for visitors from all over and amazing panoramic views can be seen from the top of the tower. There are also two beautiful churches to visit: Hirtshals Kirke and Torby Kirke. The town of Hirtshals offers much in the line of restaurants and shopping. The pedestrian street has a wonderful atmosphere and has lots of shopping opportunities.

Outdoor activities

The Hirtshals golf club makes for a delightful and relaxing outdoor activity for tourists to Hirtshals. Other outdoor activities include exploring Hirtshals by bicycle – a great way to get a feel of the town and the surrounding area. The Hirtshals port is well-known for its commercial fisheries activities, but fishing is also a popular tourist activity in this port city. Fishing at the pier gives you a great view of the happenings of the Hirtshals port, just like this Hirtshals online footage of the port. You can also join many of the fishing vessels for an off-shore fishing experience.

The Hirtshals live cam service is connected to the Baltic Live Cam with cam online footage of many interesting places in Scandinavia and the Baltics. There are many other port scenes that can be viewed via cam online such as the Klapeida port and the Nida yacht club in in Lithuania. Other Scandinavian countries that can be views by camera online are Sweden and Norway.