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Benodet, which you can see on our HD online camera, is a resort town located on the south coast of the province of Brittany. This is an amazing place with a unique climate that allows you to relax throughout the year. The city is located in a picturesque corner - at the mouth of the River Ode with a variety of flora and fauna, attracting numerous tourists. Benodet is famous for its beaches with fine white sand, can you see them on our live camera? Located near a pine grove, beaches are almost completely protected from winds, which makes the comfort of being there even more pleasant.

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Many famous French people and the guests of Benodet have spoken enthusiastically about this resort. The city have been visited by poet Guillaume Apollinaire, writer Marcel Proust, General de Gaulle, British Prime Minister and Nobel laureate Winston Churchill.

Benodet is very popular among yachtsmen. You can see people yachting on this online camera. Once in the old farmhouse located in this city have lived a famous sportsman and traveler Eric Tabarly (the father of French yachting, awarded with the Order of the Legion of Honor). The local yacht club constantly arranges competitions for professionals here. Newcomers can just take a yacht for rent and get a few lessons in sailing school.

The old part of Benodet is rich with attractions. Ancient cathedrals, museums (the Breton Museum, the Museum of Fine Arts, the Oceanographic Museum, museums dedicated to local pancakes, whiskey and faience). You can walk throughout the street for hours, enjoying the view of small granite houses with balconies and verandas, which are decorated with multi-colored hydrangeas. The city has a well developed tourist infrastructure: a large number of excellent hotels and boarding houses have been built.  Those who love scientific research won't be bored here: there is an opportunity to visit the famous area of ​​Korunai, where the development of thalassotherapy is happening (treatment of sea climate and sea bathing). A lot of tourists come to Benodet to improve their health, because the local health centers have the best specialists from all over France. Thalassotherapy is especially popular throughout the province of Brittany.

Guests of the city especially like to relax in Benodet on New Year's holidays. Hotels are filled with tourists and hold different events and shows. The organizers of hotels try to make sure that the New Year, held in Benodet, stayed in memory for a long time.

Benodet is located in a very convenient place and that makes the city a main point where all the excursions tours.

What you need to do in Benodet
 - Visit four popular beaches: (Trez beach), crabs and seashells (Saint-Gilles beach), a lagoon (Lettie beach) or an ankle walk in the water (Kok beach).
- Try some water sport.
- Go to the Glenan archipelago or ride on a boat along the river Ode.
- Visit the factory and museum of the traditional Breton puff cake Quin-Amann production (Kouign-amann).
- Have a look into the "Museum on the beach", the whole collection of which is dedicated to the sea.  


The region, located in the north-west of France, is a separate peninsula. Being between England and France and experiencing the influence of both countries, Brittany retained its culture, traditions, as well as Breton language. This is truly a fabulous place. From here came up the legend of King Arthur, his deeds and the Knights of the Round Table. The myths about the druids still attract fans of fantasy.

Very picturesque place: rocks of pink granite on the background of the turquoise sea, small towns, ancient fishing villages with cottages at the cliffs, sandy beaches with steep cliffs ...

Brittany is the main supplier of seafood in France.  On the territory of the region there are dozens of oyster farms.

One of the most important tourist places in Brittany is the city of Saint-Malo, the former center of the slave trade. Here you will see several ramparts which have remained. Worth to visit the Museum of Saint-Malo in the ancient castle, the church of Saint-Malo, as well as the Basilica of the Savior. Dinan, surrounded by a wall that has been preserved since the Middle Ages, is also rich with historical sights. The trip will be incomplete without visiting the city-fortress of Brest.

If you look in any typical traditional restaurant or bar located in one of the villages, you will understand how pleasant and open the indigenous inhabitants of the region are. Only in such catering establishments can you taste real apple cider - the national drink of Brittany.

Bretons consider themselves to be the descendants of the Celts. Every year in the city of Lorient is held the Festival of Celtic Culture, attracting guests from different countries. Colorful traditional fairs, Celtic music and dancing, and abundance of treats, cheerful entertainment for guests - are the main attributes of the holiday.

Night festivals or also known as festnoz are very popular in Brittany.  They are held constantly, changing the cities of the region. The main difference between these holidays are the national dances and music.


The climate in Brittany is mild, moderate maritime. Summer is warm and comes early, winter is soft and humid. Strong sea winds - is a distinctive feature of the Brittany climate (autumn and winter).

The most comfortable months for visiting Brittany are July and August, but it is necessary to consider that there is a lot of tourists, because Brittany is one of the most popular tourist regions in France. Therefore, those who are looking for calm and relaxed vacation, we advise you to plan your holiday for a quieter time: from April to June, there are not so many people in this period, but it is already sunny and warm enough.

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