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Tel Avivas

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Marina Tel-Aviv

The HD webcam Tel-Aviv shows its marina in a beautiful light. Boats can be seen moored and floating gently in the current. The marina you see online, is lined with rocks and in the distance a small lighthouse can be seen on the Tel-Aviv live cam. Surfers and wind-surfers can be seen enjoying the waves. The Tel-Aviv marina in the webcam, is a great place to stroll around or to relax at one of the many beach bars. Tel-Aviv is famous for its nightlife – the marina is a good starting point to set the tone for the evening.

Water sport in Tel-Aviv

The Tel-Aviv lifestyle, Israel’s most energetic city, partly revolves around the sea and inevitably water sports. Sailboats are plentiful and windsurfing is very popular as can be seen on Tel-Aviv online camera footage. Catamarans and jet skis are equally popular and it is possible to rent these on the coast of Tel-Aviv in the web camera. Windsurfing is best at the man-made lake in South Tel Aviv. Yarkon Park is a popular place for rowing. Tel-Aviv in the live camera, also has many surf schools where lessons are given by expert instructors. Tel-Aviv online, also has some good diving spots off its coastline. There is also Sail Tel-Aviv Yafo – a water sport exhibition where all water sports enthusiasts can enjoy exhibits and competitions in their field.

Marine life in Tel-Aviv

There are several diving spots off the coast of Tel-Aviv in the web camera: Gordon Caves, Birdhead Canyon, Seawolf Shipwreck to name but a few. A host of marine life can be seen whilst diving in these spots. You might be able to spot an octopus, crabs, lobsters, cuttlefish, sea breams, parrotfish, grey triggerfish and maybe even a stingray. Unfortunately, the consistent rise of the water temperature of the Mediterranean Sea at Israeli shores has had a drastic effect on the populations of some marine creatures. This in combination with an invasion of foreign species from the Red Sea puts the Israeli Mediterranean ocean life at risk.

Diving treasures of Tel-Aviv

Diving spots off the coast of Tel-Aviv in the live footage, is rich with sunken treasures such as the Seawolf shipwreck. There are also two tugboats to explore, a steamboat, an old oil channel. There are not only man-made diving treasures but also reefs that teem with wildlife such as the Herzliya Canyon.

Sailing in Tel-Aviv

It is also possible to charter a variety of ships from the Jaffa region in Tel-Aviv online. Ships can be chartered for parties and events and a sailing trip can easily be combined with other water sports such as diving instruction courses. More expensive sailing experiences can be had in the Yarkon River. Lake Kinneret is one of the most beautiful locations in the world to experience by sea. There are many other opportunities off marinas and river fronts to enjoy the sights of Tel-Aviv from its waters.

The Tel-Aviv live web camera also shows a view of the Tel-Aviv beach front with white beaches and hundreds of yachts moored in piers. Tel-Aviv is but one of many marina and port scenes shown on Baltic Live HD webcam. Cam online footage shows two views of the Hirtshals port as well as the port of Klapeida.