Chileno Bay resort

Kabo San Lukasas , Meksika

Chileno Bay resort

There is a live broadcast to the beach area of ​​one of the most popular resorts in Mexico, Chileno Bay resort, located in the city of Cabo San Lucas. You can see how vacationers enjoy good weather and excellent service, sunbathing on clean sand, dipping into the clear waters of the Pacific ocean, or leisurely spending time in a cafe, sipping a delicious cocktail. The beach, seen in our web camera, is wide enough with a gentle descent to the water. Beach "Chileno" is well equipped. There are umbrellas, chaise lounges, toilets, garbage containers. There are excellent conditions for those who enjoy scuba diving or underwater hunting on the beach in our online broadcast. 

Cabo San Lucas

The resort city of Cabo San Lucas is one of the most popular beach resorts in Mexico and is the most elite place.  Cabo San Lucas is located in the south of the  California peninsula near he Pacific Ocean. The resort, which is perfectly visible in our online webcam, is always sunny, the landscapes are very picturesque. There are many chic beaches with first-class infrastructure, yaht club, opportunities for golf, scuba diving, diving and other. There are mainly wealthy people come to Cabo San Lucas.

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Kabo San Lukasas

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The quiet fishing village of Cabo San Lucas, which "Chileno" beach is perfectly visible in our live webcam, became popular in 50's. The Hollywood stars gradually began to come here to rest from the social life bustle . There were also such celebrities as Ernest Hemingway and John Steinbeck. Later in the city started to build five-star hotels and luxury villas. There were new night clubs and an airport. White snow yachts began to moor along the shore.

The Cabo San Lucas eastern shore is more calm and comfortable, washed by the sea of ​​Cortez (California Bay). There is Pacific Ocean in the west .

There is a fine white sand on all the beaches of the city of Cabo San Lucas. The most important Cabo San Lucas municipal beach is  Medano Beach (Playa Medano), a wide beach stretching for 3 km.  There are touristic yachts and kayaks run from this beach.

The most beautiful beach is the Lovers Beach (Playa del Amante), located near the city of El Arco. Curiously, very close to the Lovers beach there is Divorce Beach of lovers (Playa del Divorcio). Both beaches are considered wild enough, since there is no infrastructure here.

There are many water sports opportunities in Cabo San Lucas: surfing and diving. For excellent surfing, you can go to the eastern coast of Cerritos. In summer - Costa Azul is also popular. Since there are coral reefs nearby, diving is excellent here too.

From the historical monuments in Cabo San Lucas there are some interesting sights. In the main square Plaza Amelia Wilkes, there are beautiful trees, cropped in the form of various shapes. Here is the City Museum with  archaeological finds and historical artifacts. Nearby there is 18th century church, founded by missionaries.

In the south of the California peninsula, between the cliffs, there is unusual and famous natural attraction - El Arco rock. It is real symbol of Cabo San Lucas and the main attraction in Mexico. El Arco is the arch form rock where boats, yachts and excursion ships pass. In the past, El Arco was the place - pirates shelters.


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The climate in Cabo San Lucas is dry and warm. The air temperature here is from 22C to 35C. The hottest time is from July to September. Rains is a rare phenomenon.

Weather forecast in Cabo San Lucas for 7 days is available on our website online