Chelmno , Lenkija


This web camera in Chelmno, Poland shows a bird’s eye view of the main town square of this lovely historic city in Poland. Right in the center of the webcam footage is the Town Hall. The stunning white building was built in the 1500’s in a Renaissance style. On this cam online, you can see the Town Hall building surrounded by beautiful historic houses.


The Chelmno Town Hall

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The Chelmno Town Hall is the main feature of this cam online. The oldest parts of the Town Hall was built in 1298, while the majority of the building was erected in the 16th century. Up until 1975, the Town Hall was home to the city’s municipality. It now houses the Chelmno museum and hosts concerts, exhibitions, and meetings from time to time. The Town Hall is one of Poland’s official Historic Monuments – one of the reasons why we decided to show it on live camera.


The churches of Chelmno

Chelmno has five churches of which the most well-known is the Church of Saint Mary which is rumored to be the home of the relic of St. Valentine. Perhaps this is why Chelmno is said to be the city of love in Poland and why you can see shrubs shaped like hearts in the city parks.

Other than the Church of St Mary, there is also the Church of Saints Jacob and Nicholas, dating back to the 14th century. The Church of Saints Peter and Paul is a former Dominican church from the 13th and 14th centuries. The Church of Saint John the Baptist and John the Evangelist dates back to the same era. The Church of the Holy Spirit dates back to the late 13th century. Perhaps Baltic Live Cam will have online web cameras showing some of these memorable gothic structures in the future.


Chelmno Concentration Camp

Chelmno is no stranger to the tragedy of WWII. The Chelmno concentration camp was one of the first camps where Jewish prisoners were murdered on a mass scale. There was a manor house close to the concentration camp, and the Nazi camp workers told the Jewish prisoners upon arrival that they would be working on the estate. When ordered to take a shower, little did they know that it would be the last moments of their lives. The Nazis murdered a total of 320 000 people in this camp. Between December 1941, when the camp received its first victims and March 1943, when the Nazis dismantled the camp, nearly all the Jews in the area were murdered in this camp. The camp briefly re-opened in 1944 to continue the atrocities. Of all the prisoners taken to the camp in its short existence, only three escaped.

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