Kraków city center – view from Wentzl hotel

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Krakow – Main Square

This beautiful view of Krakow’s main square on live camera is shot from the Wentzl Hotel. The merchant, Pawel Kaufman, joined two buildings in the 16th century to create the Wentzl Hotel that we know today. The building was known as Podkaumanowska, referring to the owner’s coat of arms – “Under the Azure Lion.” The Wentzl Hotel is the only hotel in Krakow’s market square. Its façade is adorned with a painting of Our Lady to commemorate the miracle of the old hotel’s survival of the great fire of 1550.

Churches of the Main Square

The web camera in Krakow shows a magnificent view of the St Mary’s Basilica – a prominent feature with its two towers. Visitors can climb the 160 tower steps for a view of the market square. Another prominent site visible on the cam online footage is the small, green-domed Church of St. Adalbert. This little church is almost 1000 years old and goes back to the Polish Romanesque and medieval eras. It has long been the place where merchants came to worship and a popular meeting place.

A square for royal processions

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The Main Square is located on Royal Road – a road that was once used during royal coronations at Wawel Cathedral. On the live webcam online of the market square, it’s easy to see that the people of Krakow still flock here for festivities. As shown on the web camera online above, the square is lined with restaurants with umbrellas for outdoor dining in the summer.

Palaces and cellars

The square as shown on the webcam is surrounded by centuries-old brick buildings and palaces. Most buildings are neoclassical now, but remnants of older eras can still be seen in their doorways and interiors. The medieval cellars of the buildings are used as pubs and restaurants. One of the most famous restaurants on the square is the Wierzynek’s restaurant where a great feast was held in 1364 that purportedly lasted for 21 days.

The cloth hall

One of the landmarks of the Main Square is the cloth hall that was designed in the 14th century as a center for cloth trade. It was destroyed in the 1555 fire along with many other buildings and was later rebuilt in the Renaissance style. It now houses souvenir shops, and café’s on the ground floor and museums and galleries on the upper floor.

The Adam Mickiewicz Monument

This bronze statue can be seen on the online camera in the middle of the square. It is a popular meeting place for all. It commemorates the great Polish Romantic poet of the 19th century. It was unveiled in 1898 on the 100th anniversary of the great poet’s birth. Teodor Rygier designed the statue.  What cannot be seen from afar on webcam are the four allegorical groups at the feet of the great poet’s representation symbolizing the Motherland, Science, Courage, and Poetry.

Baltic Live Cam’s online web cameras show’s another view of the Krakow Main Square. There are also online cameras showing many fascinating old town squares across Europe such as the Riga Cathedral Square in Latvia.  You can also view the Tallinn Town Hall Square in Estonia via online cams and the camera online footage of the Vilnius Cathedral Square in Lithuania is fascinating.