City view from Four Seasons Hotel

Buenosairesa , Argentīna

The web camera online is located in the heart of the exclusive district of the city of Buenos Aires La Recoleta, in close proximity to the cultural and business attractions of the capital. It is one of the most prestigious and expensive residential areas in the city. According to independent reviews, La Recoleta is the most beloved part of the city of Buenos Aires, the main tourist site and number one on the list of visited places of the capital.

La Recoleta, you see on our online stream is an important cultural center with a large number of historical and architectural monuments, prestigious educational institutions, the National Museum of Fine Arts, the National Library with 4 million books, and the Recoleta Cultural Center.  A great number of sculptures in parks and squares is a special thing about this city. In some of the center places the French architecture has remained, thanks to which Buenos Aires was previously known as the Latin American Paris.

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The history tells that the name of Recoleta (from the Spanish Recoleta  - ascetic) was given to the Franciscan ascetics who founded the monastery here, the church of El Pilar, and the famous cemetery of Recoleta, the burial place of the famous Argentines, whose graves are recognized as historical monuments that are an important tourist objects. Despite the fact that a significant part of Recoleta is erected, there are parks, squares and green areas. For example, Brazil square, the square of Rubén Darío, Uruguay, Chile, France, Alvear Squares, Piazza Dante Alighieri, and square of Raul Soldi.

Recoleta is popular for its famous inhabitants: writer Adolfo Bioi Casares, musicians Charlie Garcia and Andres Kalamari; Jorge Luis Borges and Jose Ortega y Gasset; and also the Cardinal Pacelli (father Pius XII). At the intersection of two streets for a long time there was the residence of President of Argentina.

Four Seasons Hotel Buenos Aires   

Four Seasons Hotel, where our live stream camera is located, is the only hotel in the Recoleta area with an outdoor pool. Spacious suites with marble bathrooms and charming gardens, contribute to a complete relaxation of the soul and body. The Four Seasons Hotel is not just a modern high-rise building. It is also a complex which includes a beautiful 20-century mansion in French style with a stunning décor and paintings by local artists. The Argentinean cuisine in the hotel is truly appreciated by guests.

Buenos Aires

The capital of Argentina is one of the largest cities in the world, elegant and businesslike, a real cosmopolitan. Modern buildings and old traditions are intertwined in the charming corners of the city. According to numerous reviews, the local Opera house is acoustically inferior only to Milan and New York opera.

Also, the widest street in the world with a 67-meter obelisk, which is by the way the symbol of the city, is located in Argentina. "Avenue on July 9" has 10 lanes in both directions, rich with its gardens, parks, zoo and a botanical garden.

Apart from La Recota, mentioned above, tourists of the capital also find interesting one of the oldest districts - La Boca and the historical zone of the capital of San Telmo.

In the port of Buenos Aires, Puerto Madero, there is a restored complex of old docks that have turned into prestigious offices, clubs, cafes and restaurants.

Argentine Tango

The main spot of tourists in Buenos Aires - are the Tango nights.  Nowadays, traditional Argentine dance has been replaced by a modern music, but not here.  In every corner of the city you can plunge into the world of passion of this bright and emotional dance. You can enjoy the spectacle and experience the storm of emotions yourself by joining the Argentine dance.

The best time to visit Buenos Aires

The climate in Buenos Aires is relatively favorable all year round. Summer starts here in December and ends in February, and winter lasts from June to August. Despite the fact that more precipitation falls in the summer, the rains here are short, and this does not stop the city from tourists.

The air temperature, which falls below zero, is a rarity for Buenos Aires. It is known that snow fell in the city twice, in the 20th century and recently in July 2007.

The city has an interesting climatic feature of the local climate - fogs, which last for several days a year.

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