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Prague City Tour

This webcam in Prague, cleverly mounted on a tram, is an especially interesting way to experience this popular tourist destination. As tram rushes on its tracks, you can see restaurants, shops, cars, and pedestrians as you go along. The tram moves through different neighborhoods, showing various sides of Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, on live camera. Following in the tracks of the Prague tram via cam online is a remarkable journey through the city.

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Interesting sights in Prague

Charles’ Bridge

Let’s start with Charles’ Bridge. This decorated pedestrian bridge dates back to the 14th century. It is named after King Charles the IV who reigned during the period of its construction. Nowadays you can find many tourists crossing the bridge along with street artists and locals selling trinkets. Charles Bridge connects the Old City with the New City.

Prague Castle

You can see the Prague Castle can from the Charles’ Bridge in all its glory. The Castle complex dates back to the 9th century. Probably one of the most striking structures within the Castle complex is the Gothic-styled St. Vitus Cathedral. The original structure was erected in 930 AD, but the Gothic cathedral as it currently stands was built in the 1300’s. In the Castle complex, you’ll find many palaces which belonged to noble families along with a great many halls and towers.

Astronomical Tower

The Astronomical Tower is situated right in the center of the old city, on the opposite side of Charles’ Bridge. The oldest part of this mesmerizing clock was installed in 1410. Rumor has it that the reigning king had the clockmaker’s eyes removed so that he would never be able to produce such a clock again, although you won’t find this in any history book. The clock tracks the movement of the sun, the zodiac, the old Czech time scale as well the motion of the moon. There are also animated figurines that move when the clock chimes.

Old Jewish Cemetery

There is a significant Jewish section of the city with a rich heritage. Most notable is the Old Jewish Cemetery that was used from the first half of the 15th century to the late 18th century. There are also many Synagogues in the area as well as a striking sculpture of Franz Kafka commemorating his most famous work – Metamorphosis.

Ghost tours

The many ghost tours operating in Prague offer an interesting experience. Storytellers take visitors through the old town and relate fascinating and somewhat spooky stories about the history of Prague.   

Baltic Live Cams have many live cameras mounted in interesting locations across the globe, though this is our first online web camera mounted on a moving vehicle. We find this innovative way of experiencing a city via camera online fascinating. We have mounted our online cameras in many cities in Eastern Europe. You can see the Old Town Square in Tallinn, Estonia on live web camera online as well as the life in the narrow streets of Riga in Latvia for example. Another web camera online shows the comings and goings at Yonukami Onsen station in Japan. Our online cams show the old and the new, city views, panoramas and more.