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Howth , Īrija


The Howth town, which is perfectly visible on our webcam online, is located on the Howth Head Peninsula, occupying almost all northern part, 13 km north of the capital of Ireland, Dublin, on the coast of Dublin Bay. This location served a comfortable transport connection with the capital - Dublin. There are trains going to Howth.

The origin of the name "Howth", in our live broadcast, comes from the Norwegian language, where the word "hodet" translates as "head". In far 819 viking were invaded in that region - many locals have Norwegian surnames.

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Howth was attacked by English and Norwegian invaders for many centuries until joined to the England Kigdom in 1171. After that, Howth started to develop as a trade city.

Howth Head Peninsula on our webcam has clearly seen peaks of the rocks. This part of the coast is considered one of the most beautiful in the Dublin bay. The most inaccessible places of the peninsula can be reached only on foot. The path is very complicated — leads among the rocks. There is a small peatbog in this region, called the Froggy because of the amphibians living there.

The most important sight of Howth in our live broadcast is the Laurence dynasty castle, built in 1564, was serving as the house of the count's family and military fortification.

In the 19th century, rich land was brought here - a good soil for the formation of parks with azaleas and rhododendrons. Currently, the castle is a private property.

It is curious - the ruins of the medieval abbey are clearly visible from the port of Howth. There is a functioning cemetery in that territory. Besides, there is a fishing port and excellent beaches of the bay of Dublin.


The climate in Howth is temperate - marine, with quite mild winter and cool summer. There are no fast temperature changes at all. Winter maximum is +8 C, summer +20 C. The best sunny months are June and July.

Weather forecast in Howth for 7 days is available on our website online.

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