Geneva la Plaine de Plainpalais

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La Plaine de Plainpalais

Plainpalais is the main flea market in Geneva, which on Wednesdays and Saturdays passes on the big square that you see on web camera online with the same name.

The market opens early in the morning, closes - up to 15.00 - 16.00. Plainpalais in our live stream is famous with that among the trash and junk on it you can find real masterpieces of antiques: furniture, dishes, books. And the prices sometimes pleasantly surprise. So, an antique chest of drawers can be purchased for only 200 Swiss francs.

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The only problem you can face is the size of the things you wish to buy - you can not take them away.

In the market you can also find rare specimens of sculpture and fabrics, toys, garments and dishes, ornaments, photographs and much, much more.

The area, you can see on our web camera online, is often used for various events: circus performances, festivals, holidays, attractions.


Jet d’Eau Fountain – Geneva

No far from the Plainpalais you see on our live stream is one of the most famous place in Geneva - Jet d’Eau Fountain, literally “jet of water” is a massive fountain in Geneva Lake. It’s one of Geneva’s most famous landmarks. This enormous fountain can be seen on the above live camera. This live webcam in Geneva shows the lake, the fountain and a panorama of the city in its splendor.

Jet d’Eau facts

Jet d’Eau is one of the tallest fountains in the world and measures up to 140 meters. It pumps 500 liters of water to this height. At release, the water shoots out to the sky at 200 km/hour, and one can just imagine the sound of all this water crashing down when watching the fountain on cam online. The Jet d’Eau is designed with a very specific nozzle that gives the fountain its special shape and white color.

In 1886, the fountain was built to control and release excess pressure from a hydraulic plant at La Coulouvrenière. It wasn’t long before this beautiful fountain became the symbol of the city. It was amplified and moved to the center of the lake to give the fountain more prominence, which shows in the lone camera footage. Now, the Jet d’Eau costs more or less 800 000 Swiss Francs (about $800 000 USD) to operate each year.

While looking at the fountain on this webcam in Geneva, it is good to know that two pumps power the Jet d'Eau. One is called Jura and the other Salève. The pump room is almost completely under water in Lake Geneva. All measures are taken to keep the pumps from overheating in the warm summer months.

Top spots to view the fountain

Jet d’Eau is indeed Geneva’s most famous landmark, so much so that many top hotels boast of their views of this fountain. In spring, it is illuminated in different colors, and this can be seen on web cameras online in this season.

On a clear day, you can not only see the fountain online but also from more than 30 miles away in Switzerland and from France. There are some top spots in Geneva for a good view of the fountain as well. The Grand Hotel Kempinski Geneva offers beautiful lakeside views and faces directly towards the Jet. Its panoramic view of the lake and the fountain is just as impressive as the view from this live webcam online. The Bains de Pâques, a popular local swimming place, is an artificial peninsula near the lake. Here people can sunbathe in the summer while watching the fountain or do some fountain gazing from a restaurant in winter. St Pierre’s Cathedral is another famous spot in Geneva and offers beautiful vistas of the lake and the Jet. Once you’ve climbed the 160 steps to the top of the twin towers, you will be blown away by the view of the Jet d’Eau. Be on the lookout for a view of the fountain when you arrive or leave Geneva by plane. The city greets you with a peek at its most famous landmark. There’s nothing like a view from the top, except maybe a view from a live web camera.

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