Bodruma , Turcija


The web camera online is installed on the beach of the most famous resort city of Turkey - Bodrum. Is located in the place where Aegean and Mediterranean seas meet near the bay with the same name - Bodrum.

Dorians - the founders of the city, were settled here a thousand years before Christ. Bodrum had a name - Halicarnassus. The first city walls were built here in the 4th century till our era under the reign of Mausol II. New palaces, temples, theaters were built here. Later, the city fell under the rule of Alexander the Great and was destroyed.

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Then the Byzantine and Roman periods followed. Some time later, by the knights of Rhodes island (Greece) the castle of St. Peter was built here. When the troops of the Ottoman Empire arrived here in the 16th century, the city was taken over by Muslims.

Modern Bodrum, which you see on our camera online, is considered to be one of the best resorts in Turkey. The city is rich in its natural beauty: dazzling blue sea, many beautiful beaches with bays among the rocks. One of such picturesque beaches is perfectly visible on our web camera. Here you can enjoy the sunbath, go fishing or swim under the water.

Bodrum is very green city - a great place for video and photography. And ancient monuments attracts fans of history and art.

All buildings, whether residential or municipal, are white in the Greek style. The buildings have 2-3 floors only. Our live stream camera demonstrates them development very well.

The geographical position of Bodrum suggests a milder climate in summer than in neighboring resort towns: Antalya or Alanya. In the middle of the beach season - July there is extremely rarely 30 degree heat.

In Bodrum, there are many beautiful bays, the most popular is Gumbet Bay. Tourists like to come here for surfing, scuba diving or water skiing. In the neighborhood is another bay - Bitez, surrounded by gardens of orange and mandarin trees.

By the way, Bodrum is the international center of sailing.

From the resort of Bodrum, it is easy to swim to the Black Island (Kara Ada) with hot springs hammering in the grotto. You can go to the beach Ortakent in the south of the peninsula. There is still a small bay with very clear and transparent water, where the fish are so clearly visible that it seems that this is not a bay, but an Aquarium.

Bodrum is very popular among artists. They often arrange their meetings here.Tourists, fond of art, are attracted with art galleries of Bodrum.

If you wish to travel further away from the city, there is a fishing village of Gilkey 17 km far away. Very entertaining, quiet and friendly place. Nearby is Ayvalık with its windmills and sponge collectors. In the west of the peninsula - in the village of Kadikalesi are good beaches too. The ancient Mindosexcavations is possible to see in Gumusluk.

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Bodrum is dominated by a temperate Mediterranean climate. Here is a constant blowing from the Aegean Sea, refreshing breeze. There is never very hot or cold here in Bodrum.January and February are the coldest months. There is a strong north wind and a lot of precipitation at this time. The hottest months are July and August. And the most favorable time for holidays is from May to October. The water temperature in the Aegean Sea reaches its maximum in this period.

Weather forecast in Bodrum for 7 days is available on our site online.