“Oktoberfest” Munich 2018

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There is live broadcast of the world’s largest beer festival “Oktoberfest” in Munich. This year, the 185-year-old festival takes place from September 22 to October 7. Watch our webcam and you will see how many people are there!

The traditions of “Oktoberfest” are carefully observed every year. September 22, at 12:00am, the mayor of Munich opened a barrel with an amber drink as a signal to start a big festival. Another “Oktoberfest” tradition is giant beer tents installation, which are perfectly visible in our online webcam. Annually there are 14 of them.

The most giant tent belongs to the brewery “Hofbrauhaus”, which can invite 11,000 visitors. Usually, there is a large table in the tents with the guests sit.

All tents are different and have their own distinctive feature. For example, in the Augustinian brewery tent (Augustiner-Festhalle) there is a beer from wooden barrels made by monks. In Winzerer Fahndl you can come with children: here is quiet and family-like atmosphere.

Besides the tents, beer is sold in many beer points too. Traditionally, this drink is served by waitresses dressed up in national Bavarian costumes. Beer is surely presented with an excellent snack: fried chickens and sausages.

After the festival, which is perfectly visible in our webcam, the guests take away more than 70,000 traditional beer mugs!

The holiday is mainly intended for adults. But there are some attractions for children also. There are carousel, sell sweets, ice cream and other fun toys. Also, there are many other attractions here. For example, there are special children’s railway and wagons with horses.

The “Oktoberfest” festival, lasting over 2 weeks, has a rich program, which is perfectly visible in our live broadcast. Guests are entertained with costume parades, shooters, races, concerts. Near the tents and other beer spots there are dancers in national Bavarian costumes. By the way, they you can see them in our webcam!

Besides the entertainment and beer tasting, excursions to city breweries and beer museums are held in Munich too.

During the “Oktoberfest” period, more than 7 million liters of beer are consumed!

Six breweries from all over Munich deliver beer to 650 beer selling places. During the holiday there are 363 gift shops open.

There are 7 million tourists come to Munich during the “Oktoberfest” festival.

The festival is always included in the live television channels in many countries.

The beer festival “Oktoberfest” is included in the Guinness World Records Book as the biggest event.


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