Karpacz Ski resort

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Karpacz Ski resort

There is a broadcast to the miniature town of Karpacz, the second most popular ski resort in Poland after Zakopane.

If you compare with other popular resorts in Europe, Karpacz is quite a budget place. Besides, the ski slopes and infrastructure remains at an excellent level.

The Karpacz ski resort, which is visible in our webcam, is located in the south-west of Poland in the Krkonoše mountain range at the foot of the Sněžka Mountain (1602 m) – the highest point.

In the Karpacz ski resort there are 4 tracks: one for cross-country skiing, one for snowboarders and two for the sledding lovers. There are also tracks for beginners and a bobsleigh track opening all year.

The total length of the tracks is 17 km.The longest route of the ski complex is in the center of Złotówka.

The resort has two toboggan runs (1065 and 800 meters), operating throughout the year.

For cross-country skiing is offered a very scenic ski trail “Homatova”.

On the Góralka slopes there is a special track for snowboarders.

Total, in the resort of Karpacz, which you see online, the ski area is 820 – 1350 meters, 7 lifts and 7 tracks. All ski slopes are well illuminates in the darkness.

In Karpacz, there is a large number of ski slopes of various difficulty levels and comfortable lifts.

The most famous chairlift is to the top of Kopa, which leads to three ski slopes: “Jan” (400 m), ” Złotówka “ (3100 m) and “Lichizhepa” (3000 m).

Climbing up the Kopa mountain, it is easy to walk to the Sněžka Mountain.

In the resort of Karpacz you can also ride outside the slopes. So, every year in February there are competitions called “rally on anything.”

The winter season begins in November and ends in April. But often many tourists come here in the summer, when they can walk and ride a bike.

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