Elks in wildlife

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Elks in wildlife

In our interesting online camera, you have a unique opportunity to get acquainted with the largest forest inhabitants – elks living in the forests of Pennsylvania, USA.

As you can clearly see in the live camera, the animals in the webcam are presented in the wildlife.

These animals are big and heavy, that is perfectly shows online. Males grow up to 3 meters length and 2.5 m height. The weight of an adult male can be up to 600 kg. The most striking feature of elks is their unusual sweeping horns.

In wild, there are about 7 subspecies of elk with different of horns (structure and size).

Elks are vegetarians. They mainly consume grass, branches of bushes and trees, moss, lichens, mushrooms and berries, bark of some trees. Sometimes elk can eat leaves or aquatic plants: water lilies, horsetails, and marigolds.

Elks, perfectly shown in a webcam, live in almost all forest zones of the Northern hemisphere of the earth. Mostly they live near swampy areas.

The elks shown in the online camera are monogamous animals. The mating season begins with the advent of autumn, accompanied by a loud characteristic males roar. Elk’s males’ fights are popular competition for female attention.

Elk female carries a baby for approximately 225-240 days starting from April to June. Basically, only one cub is born. A few minutes after the birth, the small calf is already on his feet, and after 3 days he can easily run.

The elk grows up at the age of 2 years. At 12 years old is considered already elderly. Elks live till 20 years old.

The main enemy of an elk is a man (hunter and poacher). Wolves and bears hunt for sick and old elks.

Recently, the population of these wild animals has been rapidly declining due to poaching.

When a human and an elk meet in the forest, the man should stand and not move until the elk loses interest and leaves. Elks are especially aggressive with humans during the mating season. Despite the fact that elks are usually not the first to attack, nevertheless, closer contact with them should be avoided. The car impact with elk is especially dangerous. In such an accident get injured an elk, a person, and a car.

Interesting facts about elks

1. Elks swim well. They can also swim under water for more than a minute.
2. The elks hearing and sense of smell are well developed. But vision is bad.
3. Meeting an enemy, elk use strong front legs to protect himself.
4. Elks run fast (up to 56 km / h)
5. Elk female’s milk is 3-4 times fatter than the milk of cow.
6. The long-legged calfs can’t reach the grass for the first time after birth and graze on their knees.

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