Giraffe in Reid Park Zoo

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Giraffes in Reid Park Zoo

This webcam is located in the giraffe enclosure of Reid Park Zoo, founded in 1967. In this live stream you can watch beautiful giraffes online 24/7.

Reid Park is a non-profit zoo located in Tucson, state of Arizona. More than 500 animals are represented on the territory where the online broadcast is coming from.

Reid Park Zoo consists of four zones, organized by habitat type and the animals they contain. There is an area where grizzly bears and giant Aldabra turtles, jaguars and spectacled bears live in the South American zone, tigers in the Asian zone, and lions and giraffes in the African zone.

The African Animal Zone also features Expedition Tanzania, the home to 5 African elephants. Large aviary of Flight Connection is home to dozens of bird species from Australia, Africa and Asia.


The giraffes you see online are the tallest animals on Earth now. Nowadays, Africa is the natural habitat of these beautiful wild mammals. The growth of a giraffe varies around 5 meters.

Giraffes have very long and fluffy eyelashes that protect their eyes, located on the sides of their heads, from sand and dust.

The tongue of an adult giraffe, which you can see in the webcam, reaches 1.5 meters. During the day, the giraffe consumes several tens kilograms of plant foods.

The female giraffe carries one cub for 15 months. Newborn giraffe’s height is about 2 meters. For three to four months, the baby feeds only on mother’s milk. The whole herd of giraffes looks after the cub.

The enemies of giraffes in the wild are lions, cheetahs, leopards and other large felines. A giraffe chased by a predator is capable of speeds up to 60 km / h. When defending, he uses strong legs with strong hooves.

Giraffe species

As you can see in the live camera, giraffes differ from each other in shape, color and spots location on their body. Giraffes are: Sand; Angolan (living in the deserts of Namibia); Rothschild’s giraffes living in Uganda; Masai giraffes from Nairobi; Reticulated giraffes live in Somalia, northern Kenya and southern Ethiopia; West African and Nubian giraffes are under strict protection.

Interesting facts about giraffes

• The giraffes shown in the online camera sleep for 2 to 10 minutes in a row during the day. Moreover, they are able to do this while sitting and lying, night and day.
• Each giraffe has its own color scheme. There are no two identical giraffes in nature.
• There is one strange species in the giraffe family – okapi, looking more like a zebra horse.
• There is evidence of past spotless giraffes.
• The number of vertebrae in giraffe and human is 7.
• The heart of a giraffe weighs approximately 10 kg.

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