Grey seals, South Walney Nature Reserve

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Grey seals in the South Walney Nature Reserve

There is an interesting live stream to the grey seals habitat. For many years, gray seals, which you can well see in a webcam online, live in the protected beaches of the British Walney Island.

The South Walney Nature Reserve is a unique reservation preserving such an endangered seal species as a gray seals or hooked-nosed sea pigs. The excellent conditions of the South Walney reserve contribute to the increase the grey seals population, which you can watch in the online camera.

The workers of the Nature Reserve carefully monitor for no one can disturb the peace of the unique wild animals, protecting them from outside interference. The beach that you see in the webcam is closed to the public.

At the moment, the number of gray seals living in the South Walney Nature Reserve is about 100 individuals.


Gray seals

Gray seals are large mammals that you see online, the rarest seals species. Approximately 40% of all seals live on the islands of Great Britain.

Gray seals are well warmed: they have 2 layers of thick gray wool and a thick layer of fat. Therefore, they easily spend a lot of time in cold water. The belly of the seals is white. The body of an adult seal is approximately 2-2,5 meters long. Weight from is 100 to 300 kg.

The second name: hooked-nosed sea pigs, mammals in our live cam received thanks to their elongated muzzle.

Gray seals, perfectly demonstrated by our webcam online, are real predators. Their diet is mainly fish and squid. But sometimes, these wild animals can even attack a dolphin.

The “legs” of gray seals are big flippers with 5 strong claws on each flipper. Strong hind limbs help gray seals to move quickly in the water. Thanks to its massive shoulders, a gray seal can easily pull its heavy body out of the water and climb steep and high cliffs.

At birth, gray seals babies, which you can sometimes see in our online webcam, are covered with white wool. After 3 weeks the young generation gets a gray wool. They eat mother’s milk within 2-5 weeks. Milk of gray seals female contains 60% fat, very high in calories and nutritious. So, the babies grow rapidly and gain strength.

It is curious, that after the feeding completion, females leave their children and the place where they lived. It is time to start the independent life for babies.

The males’ puberty age is approximately 6-7 years, and females are ready for breeding at the age of 3-5 years.

The gray seals that you see in the live webcam are a rare and endangered species, so these mammals are under the protection and care of various Nature Reserves.

In the wild, seals feel difficulties to survive. Approximately 30-50% of these beautiful wild animals die before the 1 year age.

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