Röttenbach Storks hatchery

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Röttenbach Storks hatchery

There is a very interesting live stream camera to the wonderful large birds – white storks hatchery in the rural town of Röttenbach, Germany. You can perfectly see in the webcam a storks’ family, preparing for a new posterity. As also you can watch online the first eggs and the chicks hatch. A little later, in the summer, it is very curious to follow the already grown-up “children” and their parents.

The cute storks that you see in the live webcam camera built their home – a huge nest on the chimney of the local Sauer brewery.


Röttenbach is a small Bavarian village located 35 kilometers north of Nuremberg. The city is so small that you can see its center in webcam. The Röttenbach central square and the town council building are located within walking distance of the brewery, with the stork nest in online cam.

Röttenbach you see in live camera, is rich in lakes, ponds, rivers and other water reservoirs. There are large fields with a lot of cereals.

White stork

White storks, whose family is perfectly visible in webcam, are large birds weighing up to 4.5 kg. The dominate color of storks is white, black color is only on their large wings. Their beak and legs are bright red, only nestlings have black eyes and dark brown eyes.

Adult storks, displayed online, are not particularly talkative, the voice is presented rarely and quietly. During mating games the birds throw their heads back and knock with their beak.

White storks, well demonstrated in live cam, nest in Europe, North Africa, Middle East, Transcaucasia and Central Asia. Storks usually fly from March to April, and leave their nests at the end of summer, in August, and sometimes, if the weather is warm, then in September or even October. For the winter, these beautiful wild birds fly to the Pyrenees, Africa and India.

Live handsome white storks, which nest you see in the online webcam, in open areas, near groves, fields and ponds. Storks often build nests on rooftops, water towers, pillars, and very rarely on the no crown trees. The main condition is: the nest should be at least 3-5 meters height. Couples storks create for several years.

As can be clearly seen in the live webcam, the stork nest is very large, heavy and quite noticeable. Both the female and the male are engaged in nest building, renovating it annually.

The stork female usually has from 1 to 5 eggs. Very rare could be 6 eggs. Both parents, demonstrated in web camera, are engaged in the next generation incubating process. The male is on duty during the day, and the female – at night. The eggs period lasts about 33-34 days. After hatching, the white stork chicks, shown in live camera, are blind, and their body has dense white fluff. Babies eat rain-worms mainly. In the nest, the storks’ babies live a bit more than 2 months. After they join their parents, feed together and learn adult life. It is curious, young storks leave their birth place a little earlier than their parents, flying away to warm countries in August.

Adult storks, which you see online, feed small animals and big insects. The most successful place for hunting is open fields, especially after a tractor has passed through them. Food also possible to find near rivers where there is shallow water and in swamps. Storks are patients: they leisurely stroll through the territory or stay for a long time in one place, sometimes even being far from the nesting site.

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