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Sea Lion Center

Our online stream camera perfectly shows the living place of Californian sea lions in the Sea Lion Center. This center is managed by the Aquarium of the Bay. The Sea Lion Center is engaged in the protection and study of such as beautiful sea mammals as the sea lions that you see in the webcam. The live camera is focused to the sea lion resting place and located at Pier 39 in the US city of San Francisco, California.

In the past, Pier 39 was a part of the cargo port of San Francisco. But recently, it has been converted into a shopping and entertainment center. Of course, the key attraction of this pier is a colony of Californian sea lions, which found its home here about 25 years ago and now is peacefully neighboring with the locals.

Nobody knows, why and how the sea lions came to the Pier 39, which you see in the online webcam. These beautiful sea predators live here for a quarter of a century. Watch live streaming!

In a sea lion colony at Pier 39 in our online camera is approximately 1,700 individuals. Animals feel free in the yacht club water area.

Californian sea lions, well demonstrated in our live camera, attract a huge number of tourists not only from the United States, but also from other countries. Sea lions are protected the United States. Hunting of these wild animals is strictly prohibited.

Sea lions

There are 5 types of sea lions in the world: southern, northern, Australian, New Zealand and California sea lion, whose representatives are shown by our webcam in the online streaming.

All these species are very similar: a streamlined body shape, hind limbs – flippers, big eyes, on the face there are sensitive bristles similar to whiskers. The adult male weighs about 300 kg, and his body length is 2 meters. On the neck of the males there is a so-called mane – a place with thick hair, resembling the lion’s mane. Look at our online camera and you will find the males.

The sea lion females, which you also see in the webcam, are smaller. Their weight is about 90 kg. Their pelage is short and not very thick.

Sea lions mostly live on a part of the southern earth hemisphere. They are found in New Zealand, South America and Australia. California sea lions, which you can see in online camera, live in California – that is clear from their name.

Sea lions settle on seas and oceans coastline. Sea lions, perfectly demonstrated in our online web camera, eat clams, fish and various crustaceans. These large predators are excellent swimmers and divers. Sea lions live in a permanent place, in groups, this can be well seen in the online camera. They do not create couples, but live in a harem: one male and 12 females.

Newborn sea lions are covered with white soft wool, which darkens over time. Babies eat a milk till 5 – 7 months.

The maturity sea lions reach at the age of three years, and their lifespan can be 20 years.

Between each other, sea lions communicate using many different sounds. They are very smart.


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