Stingrays at Ripley’s Aquarium in Canada

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Stingrays at Ripley’s Aquarium

In front of you in the webcam there is the Ray Bay Gallery of the Ripley’s Aquarium, which is inhabited by amazing stingrays. The live broadcast presents 4 species of rays and one species of shark. You can watch online how gracefully moving – flying these amazing marine inhabitants.

The Ripley’s Aquarium with the live stream on the Baltic Live Cam website, is located in Old Town, a shopping district in downtown of Toronto.

Ripley is Canada’s largest indoor aquarium. The reservoirs of the complex contain 5.7 million liters of water. Among its inhabitants there are about 20,000 exotic freshwater and marine inhabitants from more than 450 different species.

In the Ripley’s Aquarium, with Ray Bay reservoir of stingrays in live broadcast, there are 10 galleries.


Stingrays in this online camera are cartilaginous fish with a flat body shape. About 340 species of these fish live on the planet. Interestingly, all of them are systematically related to sharks.

Since the body of the stingrays is flattened, the gills and mouth are on the underside of the body that you can see in a live stream. Eyes of the rays are located on the upper side of the body.

They move with the help of fins, like a wings, but several stingray’s species have very small fins and can not move. In this case, a muscular tail is used for movement.

The sizes and colors of stingrays in the online webcam are very diverse. There are both monophonic (gray, black, brown), and colored species (with spots and patterns).

The smallest Indian electric ramp is only 14 cm in size, and the largest ramp – manta, or sea devil – grows to 6-7 m, and its weight is 2.5 tons.

The stingrays, which are broadcasted online, live in all climatic zones – from the tropics to the polar territories, preferring the bottom of reservoirs.

Stingrays hunt for worms, bottom mollusks, crayfish, crabs, and small octopuses. Large representatives of these animals catch fish, mainly: sardines, haddock, capelin, mullet, flounder, cod, eels, salmon. But the huge sea devil, on the contrary, uses plankton and the smallest fish.

The most unusual methods of hunting have electric and sawtooth rays (sawfish). So, electric stingrays shoot with a strong electric flow and kill the victim, and sawfish use their teeth located on the edges of the muzzle in the form of a board.

The stingrays that you see in the online live camera reproduce, either laying egg capsules or giving birth to cubs.

In nature, the enemy for stingrays are various species of predatory fish, including sharks.

Some representatives of stingrays are objects of amateur and commercial fishing.

Keeping stingrays at home aquarium will not work, so you can mostly find them in public aquariums such as Ripley’s in this online live feed. These fish easily let people in, allow to touch them and take treats from the visitors’ hands.

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