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Monsterparks – largest indoor skate-park in Latvia, 1400 m2 large, decorated with modern urban constructions and high-class ramps, which can please both beginners and seasoned professionals.
Monsterparks is situated close to the city center, in the district of Purvciems, Kroņu street 13A. The skate park is complete with a professional BMX store “Parbmx”, café, where you can buy a ticket to the park, have a snack, as well as rest after a day of action. If you are a beginner or want to learn something new, Monsterparks is a home to the Riga Skateboard School, Inline School “Straume”, Baltic BMX school, and skate park ramp builders “Mind Work Ramps”
The biggest events of the skate park are the “Spring Kickoff”, “Winter Kickoff” and “Pool Party”, as well as smaller events.