Alferello waterfall

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Alferello waterfall

In this webcam, you can see the picturesque Alferello waterfall, located in the vicinity of the Italian city of Alfero. The beauty of the cascade in live broadcast is in its height (32 m) and in the pool of cool water that it creates. Here you can spend a summer day without feeling the hot weather typical of the coast.

The river, into which the waterfall in this online camera strives, is also called Alferello, it is rich in trout. After the cascade, shown by the webcam, the river flows straight for about 10 meters, then goes down through a series of beautiful giant cauldrons, the deepest of which is called “il pozzo” (“well”) by the locals.

Thanks to the convenient route, it is easy to walk from the center of Alfero to the Alferello waterfall, which is demonstrated by the online camera, in about 20-25 minutes.


In the Savio Valley, in the heart of the Tuscan-Roman Apennines, amid the fresh and clear waters of Alferello you see online, framed by chestnut groves and beech trees, lies Alfero, the largest part of Vergereto municipality and a charming tourist destination. Alfero, where the live stream comes from, is located in a magnificent valley dominated by the Comero and Fumaiolo massifs, surrounded by centuries-old chestnut, beech and fir forests.

Alfero, whose waterfall is shown by webcam, is a successful combination of natural beauty, modernity, quiet and traditional hospitality, which makes it an ideal place to restore body and spirit. There are many hotels, restaurants with excellent cuisine on its territory.

Not far from the church of San Andrea, located in the old part of Alfero with this online camera, you can still see the border stone, on one side of which is depicted the five-sphere Medici coat of arms, and on the other – the keys of St. Peter.

About 3 km from Alfero, where there is an online broadcast from, going up to Monte Fumaiolo, there is a miniature ancient village, formed in 1372 –  Riofreddo (Rivi Frigidis). Today there are luxurious villas surrounded by lush green nature. In Riofreddo, you can enjoy authentic local cuisine made of typical local products.

Tuscan-Roman Apennines

The Tuscan-Roman Apennines, where the Alferello waterfall shown in live camera is located, is a mountain system in Italy that belongs to the Northern Apennines. The Tuscan-Roman Apennines, where the live broadcast is conducted from, are located in the historical regions of Tuscany, Romagna (with San Marino) and Montefeltro. In the northwest, the Passo della Futa pass separates them from the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines, in the south beyond the valleys of the Tiber and Metauro rivers originate the Central Apennines, in the east behind the Alpe della Luna Mountains are the Umbrian-Marc Apennines.

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