Grand Falls

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Grand Falls

Grand Falls in the webcam is one of the waterfalls of the St. Johns River, which flows through North America. The height of the cascade in the live camera is more than 25 m. The energy of this waterfall is used to generate electricity.

Grand Falls, shown live, gave its name to the city where this natural landmark is located.

Saint John River

Saint John River, where the Grand Falls origins, flows in the USA and Canada, where an online broadcast is conducted from. The reservoir forms part of the state border of these countries between the state of Maine and the province of New Brunswick. The area of ​​the Saint John basin is about 55,000 km2, with a little more than half in New Brunswick. The river in the online camera is the second longest (after the Susquehanna) among the North American rivers flowing into the Atlantic Ocean between the mouth of the St. Lawrence and the Mississippi.

The upper reaches of the Saint John River in the online camera are located in Quebec, Canada, where it bears the name Rivière Daaquam.

The main tributaries of the reservoir in the web camera are:

  • on the left, Tobique, which originates in the Central Highlands, Nashwaak, Kennebecasis, and the short Jemseg River, which carries runoff from Grand Lake, New Brunswick’s largest lake, to St. John.
  • right – Allagash, Fish, Aroostook, Oromocto.

Saint John in online broadcast is one of the most controversial rivers in Canada. Some residents of nearby areas believe that the river is calm and full of water. Others are the opposite: seething and dangerous waterways with difficult rafting rapids and treacherous waterfalls like Grand Falls in webcam. Different opinions are due to the fact that throughout all 673 kilometers, St. John is very diverse.

The resource of the river in the live camera is used thanks to the built power plant, which is provided with its energy by the waterfalls of Grand Falls in live broadcast and Beechwood. In addition, the river reservoir in the webcam plays a big role in agriculture: irrigation of fields.

Interesting fact: Saint John in this online broadcast is included in the list of the most romantic rivers, compiled by Canadian writer Hugh McLennan.

Along the St. John waterway, on the way from Fredericton to Edmundston, there are meadows, forests and rural valleys among flat hills. Tourists take the opportunity to make a rest stop in the small town of Grand Falls. In the north along the river in the online live camera there is the city of Edmundston, which is proud of the beautiful New Brunswick Botanical Garden.

Nature of Canada

On the territory of Canada, where the online stream comes from, there is a huge number of picturesque landscapes, rivers, gorges, lakes, caves and waterfalls. Canada in the webcam is one of the richest countries in the world with lakes. On the border of Canada with the United States there are the Great Lakes: Superior, Huron, Erie, Ontario, connected by rivers into a huge basin with an area of ​​more than 240 thousand square meters. km.

Niagara Falls, which you can also see in the live cam on the Baltic Live Cam website, is a real miracle of nature: its beauty attracts many travelers from all over the world.

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